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Judging Panel #9 Empty Judging Panel #9

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:25 pm

Hello Final 2! Let us now take a look at your final photos! You were asked to redo what you believed to be your worst shoot in the competition. After we have viewed the shoots, the voting lines will open for the public and the previous contestants!!!

Remember, when voting, dont just base it on the final photo, look back over the whole competition when deciding who you would like to see take the title of IMDBs Next Top Model!

Lets get to the finla photos!

KARASU, you decided to redo your very first shoot, Framed! Lets take a look.
Judging Panel #9 Karasu122

Cozy: It's much better than your original shot, but if this had been submitted back then I still wouldn't have ranked it very high. The ones who did well that week: Chloe, Jonny, and Mikiel, did so because they used their frames in more creative ways...here the frame is an arbitrary part of the photo. However your portfolio is fantastic, and you know how to work the camera!
Bree: You style yourself very well. Kudos. You kind of remind me of Billie-Joe Armstrong. I've started to see over the past few photoshoots that your faces are getting more and more exagerated. I don't think it's necessarily cockiness, but I think it's this upward momentum you've got going on. The judges liked what you did back in the "kill for fashion" shot, so you started taking it a bit further each time. Now you don't know how to be strong without that flared-nostril face. I almost wish we could go back to your original frame shot and give THIS shot some of its vulnerability and freshness.
MrJanice: The style is great, and it really is waaay better than the first one, but it's still not the best. You're in the top two! We all expect both of you to turn in some really flawless pictures. You're pictures have been great, don't get me wrong, but to not have an amazing one as your last picture is a bit disappointing, mostly because you have turned in some great pictures in the past. Oh, and I know you said this wasn't true, but your hands look small again haha
Andy:  If this were your photo from the first week I would have probably ranked you very high. Its a great picture and you cant tell you have control. However, week after week after week it's just the same face in every picture! Your a great model who has his faults, but there is no denying you are probably the best INTM male model we have ever had on this show!
SweetTyra: I dont really agree about the same face thing anymore. There is a great connecton in the eyes and while it is still a similar strong fierce look you are giving, I feel it is slightly different from what you have been giving, I dont know how though Maybe I think its a bit more flirtatious and suave. I like it, definately an improvement.

CHANTAL, you chose to redo your robot shot! Let's see it!
Judging Panel #9 Chantal12

Bree: The reason this is better than your first picture is because you look like you put more EFFORT into it. Like Tyra's been saying this cycle of ANTM, it's all about TENSION, and you have that here. I wish you would have done it in a more sterile setting, because this and your fish picture have been kind of thrown off by the cluttered space. Body's great and shows off your signature curves, except you look a bit short, in a squashy way. But great styling
SweetTyra: I disagree about the setting, i think its a good contrast and it makes her look even more out of place like a robot would be on the street. I love how there is such a strong connection with your eyes despite those restrictive glasses. What I dont like is the right hand, it looks very stumpy and everyone should know by now how much i hate stumpy hands and have put people very low on my callout list because if it (Finchie's recycling, anyone?) Other than that, its once again, a very fashionable, strong photo fo you.
MrJanice: You know what I like? That I can go to a rave and see people dressed like that. It just makes this picture so much more fashionable. You look like an 80s robot turned into a raver haha. Now, this is soo much better than the original picture. I agree with the other judges in that we can see that you put a better effort into this picture. You're wearing those glasses, but we can still see your eyes.The expression's cool, the pose is cool, the whole picture is cool. Great job!
Cozy: This is much better than your original, because the pose is dynamic and fierce! however, if i didn't know i wouldn't think this was robotic. It looks more like the 80's workout. In your original shot we complained you were too stiff, and in this one i don't think you are stiff enough. But what we can see of your face looks great, and I agree that you have a pretty damn impressive portfolio
Andy: You have come such a long way and this picture proves that you have learned something from this competition. I love the pose, however, like Bree I agree it does make you appear a bit short. Your face however is a complete knock out! Your stunning and stylish and you deserve to never have been called in the Bottom 2, you definitely have one of the best portfolios in INTM history!

The judges are currently deliberating and let me tell you, I think it is going to be a very long time before we reach a decision. The judges are fairly unanimous that this is the strongest Final 2 we have ever had, and the hardest to decide. All the judges are torn. To help us make the decision, place your votes NOW on who you would like to see win! Voting closes this saturday at midnight in your area. Please be aware that the voting of the public and previous contestants is not an indication of who WILL win, it is very much anybody's game right now!


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