Cycle 4 Finale!

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Cycle 4 Finale! Empty Cycle 4 Finale!

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:26 pm


Soon, the winner will be crowned! After 12 photoshoots, lots of tears, quits and bitches, we are finally at the end!
But before we announce the winner, lets go for a walk down memory lane and take a look at each finalists portfolios and see just how far Chantal and Karasu have come since the beginning of the competition. The final photo shoot has replaced the original photos in the portfolios!

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-FRAMED

“Its a beautiful photo. Very up in your face. Your a gorgeous girl and I look forward to seeing you go further in the competition”- Andy, on Chantal.

“If this were your photo from the first week I would have probably ranked you very high. Its a great picture and you can tell you have control. Youre a great model who has his faults, but there is no denying you are probably the best INTM male model we have ever had on this show!”- Andy, on Karasu

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-FIESTA

“YES! THIS is the perfection I knew you could give. Your outfit is the best yet of anyone's - simple but unique. Your expression is sexy and a bit snooty, like "Yeah, I bet you wanna get with me, 'cause this car is so damn fly." GREAT job.”- Bree on Karasu.

“This is very London haha. I love the strength you have in your eyes…and its quite quirky, which I always like”- SweetTyra, on Chantal.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-80S

“I love this photo. Its super sweet from literally your head to your toes. You ooze 80's in this photo, and you did this photoshoot perfectly”- Andy, on Chantal.

“Hee hee. This definitely makes me laugh. Your pose is fantastic! Love what you're doing with your legs. The face is good. Fits the brief well!”- Cozy, on Karasu.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-COMMAND

“I LOVE the drama, youve made it interesting and kooky and I love it, you are modelling from tip to toe. I love the expression, you look crazy and you look like you really would kill for fashion. And I have to commend you on the oufit, its quite possibly one of the best choices weve ever had in the competition, it fits in VERY nicely with the whole murder mystery vibe im getting and it is very fashonable. Great shot!!!!!”- SweetTyra, on Karasu.

“So, did you know that you were my pre-show pick to win? And that the past two weeks, I've been concerned because you haven't lived up to my expectations. Well this week you didn't live up - you SURPASSED them! You've really come into your own with body language AND face, your set-up and costume is magnificent, and I'm finally seeing some neck on you. I'd say in this set, you are the most modelesque”- Bree, on Chantal.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-SIMPLE

“Oh I am in love with this picture! Your eyes are exquisite you draw me in.”- Andy, on Chantal.

“LOOK AT THE MODEL! HE'S RIGHT THERE! Karasu, you're one of the only ones left who should be stomping into an agency RIGHT NOW”- Bree, on Karasu

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-DRAMA

“AWESOME JOB! The clothes are great, the makeup's there, but it's subtle. Your expression is great, and ..are you jumping? If you are, then it's even better because it doesn't show in your face. If you aren't, it's still a great pic”- MrJanice, on Karasu.

“YES YES YES I LOVE IT!!! This is so fashion. Quite possibly the best picture of the cycle so far. Everything about it is perfect. The setting, the outfit, the stance, the gaze. You are standing like a model and you look like you feel like the frickin coolest, hottest chick on the block in what your wearing. You sold this amazingly, I couldn’t have asked for more.”- SweetTyra, on Chantal

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-ROBOT

“You have come such a long way and this picture proves that you have learned something from this competition. I love the pose, however, like Bree I agree it does make you appear a bit short. Your face however is a complete knock out! Your stunning and stylish and you deserve to never have been called in the Bottom 2, you definitely have one of the best portfolios in INTM history”- Andy on Chantal.

“Another great photo from you. Again, confession time, at the beginning, I thought you'd be an early-mid boot, but you are climbing up the ranks fast! That face is killer, I love the jacket (looks very future-y), and the pose and angle are awesome too”- Firebolt, on Karasu.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-EMOTION

“Im really feeling this, I think its very honest and genuine. Its much more personal rather than obvious and confronting, which I think is a lot more beautiful, the subtletly. I feel the story”- SweetTyra, on Karasu.

“This could have easily looked over dramatic, but I think you knew just how far to take it. Good job!”- Andy, on Chantal.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-RUNWAY

“POW! Woooo, love the expression! *waves finger* FIIEEEERCEEE!!!”- SweetTyra, on Chantal.

“I actually really like this shot. It's verrrrry sexy (rolls r's). Again, very Marlon Brando, slinky panther, sleek Euro-rich look. I appreciate that you threw up a sheet for your background to give it a different color, that shows a really good eye. Speaking of eyes, yours are a little soft here.”- Cozy, on Karasu.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-OLYMPIC

“Kara-SOO! So, something about this shot reminds me of a ninja turtle, in a good way. This is really great because I didn't think you were much of a classic beauty-shot guy, but this is actually fabulous. You have paint on your face but you still look clean and natural, and there's a certain allure in your eyes that makes me want whatever your selling”- Bree, on Karasu

“Gorgeous. You have progressed so much since week 1, let alone your robot picture and this picture shows it. I love, love, love, this picture”- Andy, on Chantal.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-HOBBY

“I think you look absolutely killer and youve sold the bike really well. In almost all your shots throughout the comp, you have this attitude about you that totally pulls me in and it makes me wanna be friends with you and go shopping with you and bitch about bitches with you lol. I think, once again, this was by far the only fashionable outfit. You made it sportswear without making it 12 year old on her way to basketball practice. Its like…ghetto sportswear, its cool”- SweetTyra, on Chantal.

“I love the casual pose here, it works and it looks really cool and athletic. So much sass behind your eyes too. I don't think you're necessarily overacting, but you're definitely emoting”- Cozy, on Karasu.

Cycle 4 Finale! Z-FISH

“I really liked the profile and I can just imagine you looking at the product you are using, and when I see that, I kind of see the hunger you have for it haha. Like, "My face is so fishy i need that moisturiser NOW!!!" Lol.

“First of all, I want to commend you for not only getting over your fear momentarily but also doing all-out, using a real, icky disgusting fish in your beautiful HAIR! Secondly, this picture is magic. You look like a beautiful sea creature”- Bree, on Chantal.


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Cycle 4 Finale! Empty Re: Cycle 4 Finale!

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:26 pm


Over the past few days, discussion has been hot over in the Judges Lounge! Let’s take a sneak peak at what some of the Judges think about the Final 2 contestants, Chantal and Karasu, when asked to decide upon a winner.

MrJANICE: I want both of them to win! Karasu because he's been consistent, he's more into this than chantal appears to be, and well...i want a guy winner :/ They both have some great portfolios.
Chantal has a great portfolio…chantal's was better by a tiny bit…she rocked this shit. She really put some effort and changed it up. I think karasu did better. IDK WHO IM GONNA VOTE FOR YET :S

COZY: Wow, I am right on the fence here. In the re-do critique, I chose Chantal to win, but now I'm thinking Karasu. They both have really kickin' portfolio's. In the beginning few weeks, Chantal was strong, professional and consistent, whereas Karasu showed brilliance but no control. Then, Karasu started to shine in the middling weeks and pull out some amazing photos. However, I think he slid back a little towards the end and gave Chantal time to step up her creativity. I just don't know. I choose CHANTASU!

ANDY: Chantal SHOULD win. To be honest I see a lot of Bree- like qualities in Chantal, which is something I loved about you (Bree) in the first place. You both weren't afraid to push the envelope and I think that Chantal is just the overall better model. This is no doubt my favorite final 2 ever, because last cycle there was no competition to be honest I was set on Bree! Karasu is the best male model we have ever had on this show and I think he just falls short in the end. Yes, he is a good model, but I think looking back at his portfolio I may have praised him to highly on some pictures

BREE: Thanks for the plug there, Andy!! Heh heh. The difference between myself and Kazara…is that Kazara was young, very green, and I was very much a tomboy who was "playing" fashion. Chantal LOVES fashion, has impeccable fashion sense, knows how to dress for her body, and has quite good posing skills. Chantal simply screams "model" to me….however…I think Karasu is naturally attractive which helps him take beautiful pictures, he knows his angles so freakin' well and (his Simple shot), thans an American Apparel Ad right there. (For the first shoot), both of them were deplorable, Chantal showed far more potential. Karasu was lucky enough to find an angle that didn't make him look jaw-heavy, but Chantal still showed us an absolutely beautiful face, and more importantly, her incredbile sense of fashion. I believe Chantal's fashion consciousness was what gave her a huge edge.

MARK/FIREBOLT: Anyway, now I have to pick a winner. Even though Chantal has Karasu beat in terms of individual photos by a 2:1 ratio, I'm actually pretty torn, because I feel like Karasu was over all more consistent than Chantal, even if he wasn't always better than her. Chantal was more versatile though. Karasu kind of gave us alot of the same expressions. However, Chantal's unstability kind of turned me off, how she always acted like she could quit at any moment. Karasu was much more passionate about it. Then again, Chantal seems to have a better grip on what makes a great shot. And she was never in the bottom 2, thats impressive. But Karasu wasn't either until last week when at least one of them had to be. And he has a higher call out average than Chantal. What to do, what to do?...I vote for............................


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Cycle 4 Finale! Empty Re: Cycle 4 Finale!

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:26 pm


The time has come!

Will you please both step forward.

The judges are in agreement that you are the strongest Final 2 we have ever seen in this competition, and also 2 of the strongest contestants we have ever had. Both of your portfolios are incredible, and neither of you have a terrible photo. You have been very consistent and both portfolios are winner worth. Not only that, you are both amazing PEOPLE and have shown great personality and likeability over the course of the competition. You have taken criticism gracefully and have continued to improve yourselves and show your passion and desire to win this.
It saddens me, and many of the judges, to know that only one of you will win, and many of us wish you could BOTH win it.
Unfortunately, only one of you can.

As you can see from the viewers votes, you are both completely tied, with 13 votes each.
So, the decision comes down to the votes of the judges.
And the winner has won by just ONE vote.
The time is here.


Cycle 4 Finale! Karasu522


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wheww..... ok im am like totally shocked right now. I was expecting to see chantal's picture. holy crap this is like ...........baaaaaaaahh!!


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Cycle 4 Finale! Empty Re: Cycle 4 Finale!

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