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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:07 pm

Welcome models, to your second judging panel! Congratulations to CHLOE for being this week's CoverModel of the Week! This week, you did a satirical 80s workout shoot which was meant to be crazy and fun. May I just say, I was highly disappointed, especially after the success of last week. Out of the 11 of you, the judges thought only THREE of you were completely successful, with others missing certain elements and the majority just completely missing the point.

Before judging, there are a few issues I would like to address:

1- Photoshop: Can be used for lighting and contrast ONLY. No colour editing or extra little bits and pieces. Im sure you all know that by now. If you are using photoshop, just understand that it doesn’t have to be used ALL the time and don’t use it just for the sake of using it. It doesn’t ALWAYS make your picture look better, make sure it complements the picture.

2- Frames: If I ask for 6 frames, give me 6 frames!! I was surprised at the number of people who only sent me three of four. I really don’t care if you only had two good shots and all the rest were shit, I WANT to see the shit ones. And if they really are shit, they wont be chosen so you needn’t worry.

3- Editing: Make sure you edit your pictures before sending them in if needed. By this, I mean getting rid of red eye and cropping the picture if there is too much “white space”. Also, can everyone please resize them to be no more than around 600 x 450 OR SO pixels. It just makes my job a little easier!

And with all that junk said, lets get to judging!!!!

Mikiel, you are first!
Judging Panel #2 Mikiel3

Bree: Last week you gave us serious artiste, this week you're giving us goofy and adorable. I have a "top twenty INTM shots of all time" and I think this might get shoved onto my list... not to the very top, but somewhere in between Lucy and Manny's pajama shots. Hah. You're working everything - your face, the clothes, the surrounding, the props. Bra-freakin'-vo!
Cozy: Way to keep it fashionable and fun! I love your pose and the ball in front of your eye. It looks like an advertisement for literally anything you're wearing or posing with. You are the ONLY person to pull off silly AND modelesque. Good shot!
Andy: A little feminine, however as Jeraldo proved last year that's not a bad thing. This picture is almost a mixture of 70's glam (with the gender bending of course) and of course the 80's disco (with all the bright colors and surroundings), its editorial and I love it. You fully understood the brief and went leaps with the set you chose, well done.
MrJanice: I like this picture. The colors, the materials, your expression, and your pose are fun. However, I don't find it as goofy as the other pictures. It really is a great picture, but you could have pushed it a bit more
SweetTyra: I cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not lol, I think this shot is amazing! I was actually expecting you to stuff this one, I wasnt sure you could give us something really goofy and commercial. I love this shot, but the majority of the rest of your film was lucklustre, this was one of the only ones that was so colourful and energetic, so there wasnt too much to choose from, although this shot is great. And this advice is for everyone- Just make sure you think every picture you submit is first callout worthy.
Firebolt: You're the one to beat so far. Fun picture, fun colors, fun facial expression...though I have to ask, were some of the sports equipment photoshopped into the picture? The spalding basketball looks like it is and the purple thing you're holding by your eye definitely is looking at your "grip" on it. Not a huge deal if it is, that kind of stuff just tends to distract me a bit when I notice it. Over all, great picture this week

Jonny, you are next.
Judging Panel #2 Jonny32

Firebolt: I really don't mean this as an insult, but you kind of look like you belong in a straight jacket in this photo, from the googly eyes to the way your mouth is puckered open to the awkward posture of your body. But on a positive note, I can tell you were trying to take a risk and be crazy.
MrJanice: This picture is a bit disappointing. Last week, you had some awesome pictures. This week, it's a mediocre one. It's not really bad, it's just that you showed us something great already and I was expecting more. Also, it does look like you tried to bring the goofiness needed, but fell a bit short.
SweetTyra: I think you took the term "campy" the wrong way. I didnt mean GAY campy, I meant more theatrical and humourous, which you may think is the same thing but it isnt. I think your main goal seems to be seduction rather than a humourous performance and I think it almost works in this picture, but it REALLY didnt in your others and it did look more like 80s porn than 80s workout overall (is that the same aswell? Who knows! Lol!) I really like the face in this shot, but once again, the hand on the leg looks sort of misplaced and almost thrown away, like its only purpose is to hold you up, which it was, I know, but its purpose couldve been soemthing different, something fashion.
Andy: Yawn. Its boring photo. Your sitting in the middle right now. I feel like for 3 weeks now you have just been skating by (in my book anyway), I know you can do much, much better than this
Cozy: Well props for you for taking a risk on that outfit, lol. It's certainly silly enough, so it fits the brief, but as a photo it lacks something. The extreme white frame is a little distracting, but I love your expression.
Bree: Great angle, great face, great goofiness, something is missing. I know you struggled a lot with this shoot, but it still looks like you needed to let go a bit. This shot works, but I think if you had let go you would have had MANY shots that worked. I'm guessing you were still concentrating on being "high fashion" and you were all posey-wosey throughout the shoot. Work on silly first. Jump around, be loose. Then the master poses will come

Chloe, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Chloe31

Bree: Last week, you were unstoppable. This week, you're at a roadblock. This one picture is just boring, and one of the other pictures was the exact same as last week. And above all, you didn't put a sense of humour into the shoot. I wonder, Chloe, did you even LOOK at the CNTM pictures? I just feel a bit...  You're another one that I feel might look at the brief and think that they can deviate a lot from it, because they're gorgeous so the picture will be great anyway. Can you DO commercial?
Cozy: Well that's sweet. I don't think you were actually trying to be silly here, you look quite complacent. Almost like a photo in a student Health book with the caption "Building up strength with a smile." It's very pretty though.
Andy: Gahhh! This picture scares me Chloe! I love the shirt, but your facial expression is just so flippin freaky! I would say your our "artsy" type girl and you let that get in the way of the brief for 2 weeks in a row now. I absolutely loved your first picture, just try to find a balance in your photos between being artsy and fitting the actual brief.
Firebolt: Not quite sure what you're going for here. Its clear that you're giving us face in this photo. You look kind of manequinnish, like a doll, and not like a real person. Its little bit creepy, no offense. You're also not really using the equipment in a fun or crazy manner. Sorry to be a downer this week, but I do believe you've got some killer potential and could definitely be among the last few remaining
MrJanice: You look like a porcelain doll in this picture. A killer porcelain doll. It's the eyes and the way you're smiling. Kinda creepy. This picture looks like a screen shot of a movie. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you're not following the brief. Leigh asked for you guys to be goofy/silly and I don't think you went there.
SweetTyra: I dont really believe you were having too much fun with this, I dont really feel the passion and it was a bit bland. I am just hoping that it is you making your creative decisions and not just your photograher. Make sure he knows exactly what the brief is and dont let him tell you what to do too much, I get the feeling he just shoots what he thinks looks cool rather than what is actually meant to be done, because this is the second week in a row that the brief hasnt been met properly.

Karasu, you are next.
Judging Panel #2 Karas3-1

Bree: Your face is what sells it. I like that you took a risk with it. It's the cheesiness we asked for. Thanks for not taking yourself too seriously, because you can't in this competition. The body needs some work though. You completely cut your right arm off, and the pose makes your legs look short.
Wait a minute. I have to do this:
It looks like you escaped from a mental institution! You look deranged. Your arm looks amputeed. Your legs look amputeed. And it looks like you have a penis!
MrJanice: Nice job. You're being campy, you're being silly, and your outfit works. I agree with Bree, though, and I think your right arm should have been in the pic, but I think the left one kinda makes up for it.
Karasu: Hee hee. This definitely makes me laugh. Your pose is fantastic! Love what you're doing with your legs. The face is good but I wish the flash hadn't obliterated your eyeballs. Fits the brief well!
Andy: The eyes are what scare me. A simple red eye reducer could have gotten rid of this. However, judging on the overall photo I will say that it is funny yes, but modelesque it is not. Overall, you kinda fit the brief but its just lackluster, its neither really good nor really bad
Firebolt: Another one who had fun with it this week. I like the hair, the outfit, and the motion/shape you're creating with your body. Your face is also priceless. But I'm a tad concerned about the yellow flash in your eye. I read somewhere that could be a sign of a cancerous tumor.
SweetTyra: Oh lordy, Firebolt! :S For the second week in a row, your film as a whole impressed me the most. Every shot was energetic and fun, just like we asked. I loved the setting, the hair, the clothes, the props. The only thing I dont like is that you look like you should be competing on Britains Missing Top Model as an amputee. Just be very aware of every limb.

Lauren, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Lauren32

Bree: THIS is the modelesque goofiness I've been waiting for! Good job, girl. You have sunglasses on, but your facial energy is just radiating. Last week you were at the bottom of my list, this week you're closest to the top. I like how you're twisting and turning your body but I can see every limb. You used your body. I do have two complaints: One is your backdrop, which again could use some de-cluttering. I have a press-up bar and I know that you can't close your door when you have it up, but a curtain maybe? The other is that your right foot is sickled. You probably don't know what that means, so I will explain it to you someday. You could hurt your ankle doing that.
Firebolt: LOVE your picture this week, Lauren! This is EXACTLY what we're looking for. You had fun with it, just like the brief asked for. And I LOVE the shape you're creating with your body. I can't remember every picture off the top of my head, but this is probably my favorite body composition in a photo ever in the history of INTM. I do have to agree with Bree though, it would have been nice if there wasn't so much clutter behind you, its a tad distracting
MrJanice: Great picture! It looks like you're having fun, and it makes me have fun. Your clothes work, and your pose and expression are great.
Cozy: I am getting a real energetic vibe from you in these beginning weeks! I love the boldness and ease of this shot. Visually it's a little distracting, and the thumbs up is kinda cheesy, but I admire your fierce pose.
SweetTyra: I love the cheese!!!! I loved your film, every shot was so much fun to look at and it was just so amazingly crazy. You gave us so many different looks and settings and ideas to choose from, and thats a great thing, Id rather see 5 different things than 5 things all the same with subtle differences. Its also great to see soemone showcasing their physical abilities, because that will really diversify you when modelling. Great job.
Andy: Your photo this week is hilarious! I love your glasses and the way you contorted your body. Its a great shot, you have really been quite consistent these first few weeks into the competition, keep it up!

Robbie, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Robbie32

Bree: Can I ask what's up with the Mickey D's cup? Is it supposed to be there? If it is it's kind of a fun twist on the shot because you look tired. It's funny, yeah, but we asked for workout and you're giving us dead-carcass-on-a-chair-arm. I think you're trying really hard to be high fashion. Don't overthink it, because right now you are BEYOND "modeling 101."
Cozy: Ahh McDonald's claims it's 2 billionth victim. At least you were TRYING to live healthier, lol. To be honest it doesn't really do it for me. Good idea, but the pose itself is kinda dead. Looks like Week Two of cycle one.
Andy: Not a fan of this photo at all. Placement is everything and the drink is in the way and completely ruins the photo for me. On top of that I would say that you body positioning and face, hell even your clothes don't scream 80's as the brief clearly stated. Please go back to your Week 1 ways when you were one of my favorites
SweetTyra: Another person who didnt really give me what I wanted. I DO appreciate the creativity and the route you took with the McDonalds and the junk food, I thought that was great, but it didnt look like very much fun to do and your expression is a bit dead. This shoot was supposed to be about FUN and LAUGHTER and I think you tried to be too "fierce". The pose is a good fashion pse, but it didn’t really fit.
MrJanice: It doesn't look like you're working out. It looks like you just finished exercising and you're totally tired and decided to rest on the couch. Now, it's not a bad picture, but you're supposed to be having fun, and I don't think the tired look is fun. Like, at all
Firebolt: Ugh, the main problem I have with this picture is that my attention is immediately drawn to the McDonalds cup and not you! The model should always be the focal point of the picture. I'm trying to figure out if putting it there was intentional or not. Are you trying to sell McDonalds product? Cus if so, you're like, giving the message that we SHOULDN'T buy it cus it will make you gain weight that you'll need to exercise off. Also, the brief asked for fun and crazy and you didn't deliver that. Reading this comment, I sound kind of harsh like I'm scolding you, but I'm really not trying to be :\

Amaranth, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Amaranth3

Firebolt: Nice V-shape you're making with your body. You don't exactly look silly or like you're having fun, but at least you gave us something with your face, and you're keeping it fashionable. I don't like that your nylons are the same color as the wall behind you. It bothers me in photos when objects in the foreground blend in with the background. Sorry to be anal like that.
MrJanice: If the brief asked for you guys to model 80s work out clothes, you would have nailed it. You're doing the fashion and the 80s work out thing, but it doesn't look like you're having fun. You're just sitting there.
SweetTyra: I was looking for a more obvious type of in your face humour, but I kind of like the little bit of subtle cheek this has. You look amazing and I would have liked to have seen you jumping around being all crazy, but at the same time, I still kind of like where this went.
Andy: You are giving a sex kitten face if I have ever seen one. It's very 80's clothing wise, but the background is so blah. The photo is above average, but I think you could do much, much better
Cozy: This is a GAWJUSS photo. My goodness, the lighting, the colors, your pretty face. You're not the only one who didn't follow the silliness part of the brief, but I love what you came up with! I'm a kind of judge where quality of the photo sometimes takes precedence over exactly following the brief and I think this is one of those instances.
Bree: You're Melrose this week - if I took away your outfit this would be just a regular glam shot. It even took me forever to find the tiny little weights in your hands. It's a lovely picture, but I don't think you adopted a character or anything. This is just Amaranth and her beautiful angles. It's almost like you didn't WANT to be silly. You and a few others. Plus, if you were going to do that pose, it would have been WAY more gorgeous if you had pointed your foot that's in the air. Just kinda hanging there like that breaks the line.

Chantal-Jade, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Chantal3

Bree: I love the way you used your legs and your body overall, but woahhhh, scary face, girl. You need to extend your neck, which was the same problem as last week for me, and your mouth is pretty yuck. It's not a modelesque smile, so it makes you look... seven? I appreciate the cheesiness and the effort. And you're one of the few at this moment who got the fun side of it. Too bad your face had to suffer.
Cozy: Girl, I don't know WHY you are working out in heels but it works. I love the line of your leg, it reminds me of Joanie's krumping shot in ANTM. The color tone is also very good, but your smile isn't natural enough.
Andy: I love this photo. Its super sweet from literally your head to your toes. You ooze 80's in this photo, and you did this photoshoot perfectly!
SweetTyra: Well, I wouldn’t say perfectly haha. I like the outfit, but I didnt think it looked like you were really having that much fun. The smiles looked forced and it looked like a chore for you to be there rather than you just letting loose and having fun. Also, I liked the idea with the leg, but the angle the shot is taken from is not good composition, it makes your leg look twice as large as the rest of your body. For every idea you have, try taking 5 different shots from 5 different angles then choose the one that looks best.
MrJanice: So far, yours is the best 80s outfit. You have the leg warmers, crazy colors, giant ass bow on your head. The pose is cool, but the face is a bit eh. I think it's because it looks like you're smiling but you don't want to smile
Firebolt: love the pose, your leg looks so long sticking out. I also love how you're using the rope. The outfit is great too, very 80's. The face though isn't quite selling me. Way too tight around the mouth. But over all, I really like this picture

Sara, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Sara3_10

MrJanice: mmm I like this. It looks posey and everything, but you look like so much fun in here. It's not as silly and goofy as the others, but i don't really mind. The clothes could have been a little bit more 80s, but it looks like you tried with the crazy colors
Firebolt: I kind of like what you were going for here. You're like "hey come play ball with me" with your smile. And you're smiling with your eyes too! You're making me want to buy the ball as if you're selling it. I would have liked to see you take a little more risk though with your pose and facial expressions on this shoot though.
SweetTyra: Breaking this shot down, the clothes are great, the setting is great, the face is great, but there is just soemnthing missing, just that extra POW. Your eyes are commanding and your smile is very sincere, but I feel the pose was just a little conventional and you didnt really try anything crazy. Also, be aware of the lighting and angles, because in this photo, there are shadows under your eyes, which makes you look less clean and fresh. That is one killer smile!
Andy: Its a nice photo. Thats all I can say though, its just nice, and you look pretty and everything, but its just so boring and at the angle you took it it makes it totally a conventional Myspace/ Facebook profile picture.
Cozy: Keeeyoooot! Adorable. Love the colors and the polka dots and your OhSoNatural cheeky grin. You are Commercial with a capital C. The pose is rockin', my only complaint is the high angle. This would be sooo much more modely if it was a different angle.
Bree: Myspace-y? Yeah, a bit. But I adore the smile and the clothes. I wish you were doing something more active with your body, but overall I think this picture is just darling. You had the right idea, I just really want you to push further. You're such a pretty, pretty girl that you can afford to get a little ugly, jump in the air, or something like that. But overall, if you had done the same pose with the camera a bit lower, this would have looked modelesque.

Killian, you are next!
Judging Panel #2 Killian3

SweetTyra: You really have listened to what we said last week and you are putting in a great amount of effort to improve, so I commend you for that. I do like this shot, but the mouth is definately bothering me. With your chin down like that you lose your neck (or gain and extra one) and the tongue positioned where it is makes you like slightly...."special". It was like this in all of your shots. I dont know if you did this with your shoot, but make sure if you are trying something, you look at the shots you have taken mid-way and determine what looks good and what doesnt and change it, rather than just looking at them when your shoot is done, because a lot of your expressions were the same and it just looked a bit wrong. I know you loved the one where you were jumping in the air, and I wouldve used it if it didnt make you look like a midget haha
Bree: Last week you were at the bottom and this picture is obviously a great response to that. It's like, "Bitches, I'm back!" The body is great, but I think you could use more control in the facial expression - which is obviously hard as you were on a bike. Had you controlled the face and extended your neck this picture would be perfect. I know the other judges aren't huge fans of this picture, but I like that here you're having fun instead of trying to be a model. It serves you well
Firebolt: Oh, Killian, I'm sorry but this picture just isnt working for me. Its much better than your frame shot last week because I can tell you put alot more effort in this one. The main problem for me with this picture is your eyes. I mean, your mouth is hung open like you're having a blast and/or scared out of your wits, but your eyes look heavy and sleepy and it just totally doesn't mesh with what you were going for.
Cozy: While I agree this is WAY better than last week, it still needs some improvement. The costume isn't that great and your expression needs work. However to pose is fabulous and you have the crazy/silly thing down!
Andy: While your choice of a prop is somewhat conventional it still is a fun picture. Leaps and bounds over what you gave us last week. You have shown an effort and it is apparent in this weeks fun 80's inspired shoot.
MrJanice: Great improvement, but I have to agree with the other judges. The facial expression is a bit off. I don't mind the eyes, it's mostly the mouth and tongue. The pose works though, and I do think your outfit looks 80s, or at least 80s inspired. Again, major improvement.

Shaq, lucky last!!
Judging Panel #2 Shaq3

Firebolt: I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing 80's work out here at all. It looks more like someone is attacking you and you're trying to protect yourself with that there brick.
MrJanice: mmm I don't see 80s, I don't see workout and I certainly do not see "goofy". You look scared. The brick is about to fall on you and you're scared about it.
SweetTyra: You put a lot more effort in this week, which is commendable, but it just looks like someone threw a brick at you, you caught it, fell over then took a picture. I think you need to be way more creative with everything and try lots of different things. I did think your outfit was 80s, its just a shame you only submitted one picture where we could see it all.
Andy: Did someone try and kill you as you were working out? I don't see a trace of 80's in this photo nor do I see you trying to workout! Whereas this picture is better than your photo last week, it still is light years away from the intended brief.
Cozy: Aaaaahaahaha! I'm not laughing at you. Well, I kinda am. A brick? You work out with a brick? That's hardcore. This is WAY better than last week, however your face is too scared. Much better quality though.
Bree: You tried something way different than last week so that's commended. Also, it's a good angle on the face. Thanks for taking it seriously this week. But if I weren't told this were "eighties workout," I wouldn't have known. I think your idea of goofy is that "WOAH HOLY SHIT A CAMERA!" face, which would have worked if we could see your body. But lying on the grass all scared with a brick in your hand... it's like you used the brick to smash a window, and now you're running!!


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Judging Panel #2 Empty Re: Judging Panel #2

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:08 pm

Welcome back, models. The judges have 5reached a decision. I have 11 amazing people standing before me, but I only have 10 photographs in my hands. The name of the model I do not cal must go back to the house, pack up your belongings and leave the competition.

The first name Im going to call is.....

MIKIEL!!!! Congratulations on your second consecutive week of being on top!









Will Robbie and Shaq please step forward.

Shaq, bottom two for the second week in a row. This means the judges just arent inspired or amazed by your pictures. Good news is, you took a big step forward from last week and improved a lot.

Robbie, you are the opposite- great pictures last week, but fell dramatically this week. You have all the goods to be a great model and are one of the most creative here. However, your shoot this week was not what we were loking for at all and a slip up this big could cost you the competition.

I only have one photograph in my hands and that photograph belongs to......

ROBBIE!!! Read the brief carefully, thats all I need to say!
Shaq, thankyou very much for your effort! Smile

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