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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:45 am


Welcome ladies and men to your FIFTH Judging Panel! Congratulations to all of you for making it this far! The competition is really stepping up! This week, you were asked to create a High Fashion outfit out of recyclable materials. Erik (awkward_silences) also asked you to send him full body shots of yourself for the Myspace. If you have not yet done that, please do it soon!!! I also have some sad news. Nigel Barker’s wife found him in bed with 5 of the skankiest from ANTM. She shot him on the spot! So he unfortunately has had to withdraw as judge from the competition. Which is good, because a bloody corpse wouldn’t be handy in Panel! Also, welcome your guest judge this week, Erik (awkward_silences), Creator of the IMDB NTM Myspace!

Let’s get to the judging!!

And Audrey, you are first! What was your material?---
“I call this shoot "Cardboard Couture" I really enjoyed this shoot, I loved being all creative with the cardboard!”
Ok, lets see it!
Judging Panel #5 Audrey18

Twiggy: I really like your scenery and I love the purse you made out of cardboard! I wish there was a little something more in your face though. I feel like you're trying to push through with your eyes, but it just isn't there yet.
Tyra: Yeah, to me everything is perfect, I LOVE what you’ve done with your material, everything is there except for the connection with the eyes. This seems to be the same comment for you every week, so make sure you really focus on that if you are still here next week!
Erik: There was a lot of potential in this shot, but I think you were being a little bit too safe with your pose and face. Take chances! I love your use of cardboard in this shoot.
Jay: Definatly one of the most creative with the object at hand. You would think cardboard would make a picture bland but not this one. The pose seems a little awkward to me though.

Thanks! Next we have Avess! What was your material?----“ I'm wearing a necklace of wooden tools and a wooden choker. I thought I'd put some of my personality into it.
Make it a little creepy!”
Ok, lets see your best shot!
Judging Panel #5 3

Twiggy: I see how you're trying to be high fashion, but it looks a little too stiff for me. I love the lines you've created with the wood though. I'm very into photography and the composition you set up here is very interesting.
Erik: The colors and setting for this shot are perfect! The pose is okay, but I know there could be more from you, as well as cranking up the fierceness in your face a tad bit more. You're definitely getting there!
Tyra: Yeah, the setting y’all create for your shoots is very important, and you’ve done a great job with that here. There is a hint of HF, the angle is great, but it could’ve been pushed a bit further I think!
Jay: You used the product okay, and the pose was okay. But not high fashion

Ok, thanks! Next up is Cozy! What was your material?----“Plastic bottles”
Let’s see your best shot!
Judging Panel #5 Plastic016

Erik: The "Tin Man" feel in this shot is great, but you look like you're just lounging around on the grass. The face is almost there, but you aren't quite connecting with the camera, and I can't see your neck.
Tyra: Now, you were the challenge winner last week, so you got to send in 3 extra frames!  I kinda wish you didn’t coz it made it harder for me to pick just one shot, coz I really did love a lot of them! Originally I had chosen the shot of you with your foot on the box, but I chose this one instead coz I thought it told an interesting story. You look like the Queen of Plastic and the recyclers are trying to take your little plastic babies away from you! Your face is great, overall I think it’s a really great shot!
Twiggy: I love the bottle on your head! I know it might look a little strange but that whole headshot just screams high fashion to me. The rest of the shot I'm not as crazy about though. The plastic on your shirt looks a little strange, like your shirt is shredded or something. But I love the face!
Jay: Amazing high fashion pose, great creativity of object, no negative comments!!

Thanks!! Next up is Finchie! What was your material?---“ Here I am as a flower child, Mother Nature's daughter, preparing to save the world one glass bottle at a time! I'm fairly clumsy so I figured it was best not to make anything with broken glass!
Lets see your best shot:
Judging Panel #5 Finchi18

Jay: A beautiful high fashion pose and picture. The element is not as clear though
Erik: This is a very creative, artsy shot. It definitely expresses the environmental significance of this shoot, which is great. You look sort of like Katarzyna in this shot and I love Katarzyna!
Twiggy: I really like this shot. It has a very hippie/earthy like feeling. The camera is just absolutely in love with you so it's hard to imagine you taking a bad shot!
Tyra: To be honest, I’m not that crazy about this shot. The contrast is way too bright its almost blinding! And I can’t stop looking at your right hand, it looks really distorted and stumpy! And holding the wine bottle above your head makes you look like a drunk haha! Again, though your face is just great!

Next up we have, HurricaneMimi! What was your material?---“Paper. I wanted to let you know I'm putting all my effort in and my eyes aren't as intense as you'd like them to be. No excuses, but I have awful vision in one eye and the contacts make it a little hard to look intense!”
Let’s see your best shot:
Judging Panel #5 Mimi510

Twiggy: Maybe I'm missing it but are you actually wearing any paper or are you just holding some?
Tyra: She got paper bracelets!
Twiggy: Oh!! Hahaha! I see the high fashion pose you're going for but the way your hair is falling on your neck makes you look kind of contorted and that's the part of the image that holds my attention. Also I feel as though I've seen this look from you before.
Tyra: Haha, ohh Twiglets! I do love the pose here and your eyes are connecting really well. But I don’t think it’s the BEST angle for your face. I think its time you get more creative with your shot aswell.
Erik: I can tell that you made some effort in getting rid of the clutter around you in your pictures, which you were called out for last week. And with paper, I would've thought you could do a lot more than bracelets. It actually took me a moment to realize they were even there! But dang, did you use a jack on your neck? Because that thing is nice and long! I love it.
Jay: Everything about this pic is bland!
Tyra: Oooh, ouch!

Next up is Kazara! What was your material?---“Aluminum Foil! I finally learned how to work with contrast! xD”
Here is your best shot:
Judging Panel #5 Aluminum1

Tyra: OK. I’m gonna go ahead and say it. You ready? THIS IS THE BEST PHOTO OF THE ENTIRE COMPETITION SO FAR! I absolutely LOVE everything about it. Flawless and absolutely frickin FIERCE! Y’all better watch out for Kazara, coz she’s stepping it up, y’all!
Twiggy: Yeah, amazing! You did exactly what I was looking for. It looks like you're modeling a high fashion outfit, not as though you just threw on some recyclable materials. Great job!
Jay: High fashion, futuristic, very cool!!
Erik: You have DEFINITELY stepped it up this week. The costume, setting, pose, and face are all perfect. Even while keeping your expression serene, you have an undeniable fierceness. And the incorporation of aluminum is creative AND high fashion

Thanks! Next we have MillaJ-Joe! What was your material?---“Newspaper. I think this is seriously the best one I've done yet. I had the absolute hardest time picking three shots from this shoot to send to you...I think they were all fantastic!
Well then, let’s see your fantastic shot!
Judging Panel #5 Picture105

Twiggy: I love the setting and the pose. Your face is intense and I love it. The only thing that is distracting for me is the open shirt, I think it takes away from the picture here.
Tyra: Haha, Joeys tryin-ta get some attention from the layyydeees I think!! A-woooo!! You have created a great scene with the paper on the wall, and I love your pose, well done.
Erik: Boy, how the hell do you get yourself to contort your body in all these ways? This is almost like a high fashion caricature, but in a very good way.
Jay: The pose is off for me! The body…looks strange.

Thanks! Ok, last we have Stevie! What was your material? ---“Garbage bags, not sure what you'll all make of it lol!”
Lets see the shot!
Judging Panel #5 Untitled3

Erik: Your mixture of black and white in this shot is good, but overall I don't think it has enough of an *oomph* to it. Try going out of your comfort zone and going all out, and I think you'll produce a great shot
Jay: The use of garbage bags could’ve been better. And its not a high fashion pose
Twiggy: This looks more like an ad for an escort than it does a high fashion ad. I think it's your pose.
Tyra: LOL Twiggy! What is with the boys this week selling themselves for sex?!?! Haha! But seriously, I think its an OK shot. I had trouble choosing because in one I liked the pose but not the face, or I liked the face but not the pose. I love the smokey sort of scene, but the pose is a bit…sexual haha. I think you need to review your shots a bit more after taking them and look at what might not work.

Ok, everyone, I will now ask you to leave the room while the judges deliberate. When I call you back, one of you WILL…BE…ELIMINATED!!!

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Judging Panel #5 Empty Re: Judging Panel #5

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:24 pm





Mimi and Stevie



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