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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:51 pm


Welcome, ladies and men to your 6th Judging Panel! Haven’t y’all come such a long way! Unfortunately, we have to eliminate another model, and tonight’s decision will be the toughest one yet. Judge Twiggy is away on holiday at the moment, so we have a few extra guest judges! Please welcome poemstoahorse, MrBojangles and MissTerriGest.

Before we get to Judging, just a matter of business. Last week I asked all y’all to send me votes for Models/Viewers Choice. Here are the top 3 voted photoshoots:


Now to a snap vote! Everyone has 24 hours to send me ONE vote for which photoshoot they would like to see!

Now, onto Judging! This week, you had to do TWO photoshoots! First, a Crying shoot, which required real emotion and beauty. The next was a runway photo which required poise, composition and fierceness. First up is…

Cozy! Lets see your best Crying shot:
Judging Panel #6 Crying031

Poems: It's a beautiful face, but I don't see model. It is as if someone just 'caught' you crying. The plus is, you captured sadness
MrBo: It looks like a regular picture, nothing modelesque about it and no feeling behind the eyes. You also look kinda bored and spaced out and I know you can do better. I mean, your picture last week was my favorite
Tyra: MrBo, is you blind, child?! I think this is so beautiful. I can really see the true emotion pushing through, and it is so emotive, I love it. I know I didn’t specify it in the brief, but I’m actually really glad this isn’t too posy, I think that would take away from the truth and reality of it all.
Janice: Your picture is very convincing and I feel your deep emotions but it isn't high fashion. It would never make it in a magazine.
Jay: This is a great shot, since its in B&W though I would’ve liked if you could’ve added more emphasis so if this was in a magazine you would be selling it. Im not saying to over dramatize it, just make it more clear.

Ok, Cozy, let’s take a look at your Runway shot now:
Judging Panel #6 Runway021

Poems: Wow. I love it! You look like a lady from a romance novel cover! And not those cheap paperback ones ;D And love the outfit
Jay: This picture is probably your worst in this competition. You lose half your figure, your face, and you hair. Also the clothes don’t make this a flattering shot.
MrBo: You cant really see it, you can only see the parts that are on the light. It looks cool, but it would have looked better with better lighting.
MsTerri: I like the idea of doing a photo at night but to be honest I can't really see her properly! The bit of sky in the background is lovely, the setting of the photo is nice but I would have liked to see her look a bit more towards the camera!
Tyra: Look, I don’t care what these guys say, I adore this photo. I think that every designer has their own different way of how they want to show off their designs, and I think you have created a very imaginative and creative setting for a designer. They don’t always have to be in bright lights, the mood of the design might be dark and spooky, so that’s how they would design the runway show aswell. I think your face is very composed and you look great, I have no complaints, you’ve set a mood really well!!

Thanks! Ok, next is…Finchie! Lets see your best Crying shot!
Judging Panel #6 Finchi21

Jay: It’s a beautiful shot but I wanted more emphasis on the crying.
Janice: I think it really looks too sad. This look works for real life but not magazine.
Tyra: Yeah, you look gorgeous, but I’m just not really feeling this one. Also, there is one thing bugging me about this picture, that just keeps distracting me. The smudge of mascara on your chin. I think it just looks a bit dirty haha. I think this picture would have been a lot better if you had wiped that off. I know it sound silly, but yeah. I think its just a tad too posey as well, but I didn’t specify in the brief so thats ok.
MrBo: Sorry, but it looks like a myspace picture, not a model picture.

Ok, now onto your Runway shot:
Judging Panel #6 Finchi19
Poems: Whoa, haha, fieer-ceeh! You look like you're going to walk up to the camera and beat the person behind it!
Tyra: Hey, bitch, that’s my word!
MrBo: Your arms look stiff, if you could have maybe changed her arms a little bit, it would have been great. It's a good picture, just without the stiffness would have made it perfect.
Tyra: I agree about the stiffness. You also look a little bit wobbly, that could just be the swinging of the hips though haha. You look gorgeous, as always, but overall It’s not my favourite
Janice: I don't see any confidence in your face. You should learn more how to walk and to make it look more elegant.
Jay: I find this an interesting balance shot. The use of objects is interesting, the dress is complimentary to your skin tone
MsTerri: I really like the paint tin idea and she looks very modelly in it!

Thanks! Next we have…Avess
Judging Panel #6 Cry2

MrBo: Angsty! I like it. It's believable but it's not sad, it's angry!
Poems: One of my favourites! You really depicted the anguish well! Nicely done.
Tyra: Yeah, I agree, I think this is the most believable. Not only do you show sadness, but its sadness mixed with anger which makes it really interesting, so well done!
Janice: Piercing eyes! No wonder. Your head shots are always great.
Jay: This is the first shot with real emotion, but I cant help but notice the water on your upper lip or nose which makes it look like you were sweating, and not crying.
MsTerri: Your B/W picture is admittedly good although I can't really see the tears

Ok, lets see your best Runway shot!
Judging Panel #6 Walk4

MsTerri: Although I see what you was going for, you kind of look like you’re just standing there waiting to get down as soon as possible!
MrBo: You’re leaning forward, and it looks weird. And it's also looks a little too posey, but you have feeling behind your eyes and you’re almost smiling with them, which i'm sure tyra would be proud of.
Tyra: Hahaha, yes, thankyou MrBo, I am! Yeah, I think you kinda cheated with this one, Mr Avess! I feel that you were “posing” walking, rather than actually walking like the brief said. It looks stagnant and motionless. Damn fierce in the face though!
Jay: I thought this shot was ok, I think the eye makeup wasn’t really necessary but it does add a flare that is needed for this homey shot.
Janice: It's too much posing for me and you look kind of bloated. Not a flattering picture.

Thanks! Next up is…MillaJ-Joe! Here is your best crying shot:
Judging Panel #6 IMG_3149

Poems: It's a nice shot, but I don't see the sadness
Janice: It looks too fake and not natural. You shouldn't force it too much
MsTerri: I think it looks great, I like your shape in it!
Tyra: Aesthetically, it is a great picture and would fit perfectly in any magazine, the composition and shape is amazing. But I have to agree with the other judges, it looks so fake, I’m not feeling it at all. Is that REAL pain Jade…I mean Joe…Haha :-P
Jay: I wish you could add more emphasis to the crying. You are in an exaggerated pose so you need to up the crying.  
MrBo: I see some emotion in this picture. There's nothing wrong with being emo! Well, there's something a little wrong, except in this picture. And what's with you channeling fatima though?

Ok, Joe, now for your Runway shot:
Judging Panel #6 IMG_3182

Poems: Love it, LOVE IT! There's a true model walking!
MrBo: That actually looks like you are on a runway.. OH EM GEE MILLA J JOE, IS YOU FLOATING?!?! Get out of here with your witchcraft! In all seriousness, it's a very good picture.
Janice: Like a freezed frame of a real runway. Milla-Joe, you really pulled it off!
MsTerri: Pretty fierce, the outfit worked well with the surroundings and I like the sepia colour.
Tyra: Geez, what is with everyone stealing my word today!!! I thinbk the other judges have said it all, it’s a great shot, well done.

Ok, next we have…Kazara! Let’s see your best Crying shot:
Judging Panel #6 Crying3  

MsTerri: Its very powerful, you can really see the sadness there.
Poems: You're a beautiful girl, but you gotta think model. I see a bit of a grimace showing here, were you crying for real during the shoot? Wink Not a bad shot otherwise!
MrBo: I like it but it doesn't really look like she's crying. I know the tears are fake but everyone else has had either a sad emotion or anger in their eyes.
Tyra: Are you even looking at the same picture, boy?! This was the most believable I think as far as the crying goes, but I am a little worried that you overdid it. I think this could only work depending on what it was for. I think if you were modeling this for jewellery, it might be to harsh, but it would be perfect for, say a charity, because it is really moving and in your face.
Janice: That's really gorgeous. I see your sadness but you're still so beautiful. You're getting better and better
Jay: It’s a very strong shot, but your mouth was a little off for me.

Ok, now for your Runway!
Judging Panel #6 Runway3

Poems: I have to say this is my favourite runway shot. Absolutely stunning. You look like a real model in that one!
MsTerri: I love how summery this shot is, and I love the surroundings, a lot different to some of the others. A lovely photo!
Jay: Your balance shot is good, but I think your face was blank, and the Whitney (c10) mouth I just don’t like. Yo’ catching flies.
Janice: Your runway pic is good but I would have liked a little more fierceness.
MrBo: The left arm looks a tiny bit stiff. It's the same thing with finchie, it would have been better if it looked a little less stiff and more fluid.
Tyra: Yeah, I found this picture to be a bit, I dunno, just a bit bland, there’s nothing really interesting or special about it. You look great as always and I do like the face. I think maybe I would have liked it more if it was framed a little tighter.

Ok, thanks! Last but not least is Audrey, who was our challenge winner this week, congratulations! Let’s see your best Crying shot:
Judging Panel #6 Audrey19

Poems: Wow, I love it. Sad, yet serene! Love the flower in your hair! One of my favourite black and white ones.
MrBo: You look tired, but it actually works. It's as if you're tired of the world.
Jay: It’s a beautiful shot but I wanted more emphasis on the crying.
Tyra: I really like this shot, its so beautiful. And yay!! You finally have that power behind your eyes that we have been asking for all these weeks, so well done on that! Great improvement.

Ok, now lets see your runway!
Judging Panel #6 Audrey20

Poems: FIERCE!
Tyra: *death glares poems*
MrBo: You can see passion in her eyes even though she's not looking straight at the camera. The clothes look flowy and it really looks like she's walking.
Tyra: Uhh, that’s coz she IS walking, Bo! I love this picture because I think this is the most fluid, natural shot. I can picture you actually moving down to the end, striking a FIERCE *death glares poems* pose and just killing it on that runway. Great shot. And I LOVE the outfit!!
MsTerri: You wore the most awesome dress!! And I think you look great on that wall mid walk, which is really hard to capture!
Janice: Your body looks amazing. Everyone who strikes your way will pay attention. I can really see your determination to win this competition
Jay: Great shot, you really get the essence of motion and it just works. Beautiful and GREAT!

Thankyou!! Ok, I will now ask you to leave the room while the judges deliberate. When we call you back, one of you WILL…BE…ELIMINATED!

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Judging Panel #6 Empty Re: Judging Panel #6

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:26 pm



Cozy and Finchie



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