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Judging Panel #8 Empty Judging Panel #8

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:09 pm

Welcome to your EIGHTH Judging Panel! And what a week it has been. Drama has erupted with the constant deletion of the thread in what is possibly the most important week so far in the competition. We are down to the Final Four, but by the end of the night, we will know who our top three models will be! So, who will make it through to our final week of the competition?!

This week, you had two photoshoots- pose as an Australian music artist and their respective genre, and also a beauty shot with a snake!!! Let me welcome your guest judges, famous Australian models Elle Macpherson (jilpen-1212) and Miranda Kerr (PopRock_Explosion). Unfortnately, Jay is ill and was unable to comment, but has decided upon a callout order, which will be added to the final score. Also, success this week was CRITICAL for you all, so Tyra is being EXTRA tough. Lets get to this weeks much anticipated judging!

First up is Audrey!

Audrey, this week, for your snake photo, you failed to follow the brief. The brief stated that you must send ONE photo only, and you sent three. Because of this, I was forced to choose the first shot you submitted, and your element was FIRE. Lucky for you, it was your best! Lets see it:

Judging Panel #8 Audrey22

Miranda: I love how you use an orange headpiece to suggest fire instead of using actual fire. Your use of make-up is wild...like a wildfire! I love it! And you have these big, beautiful eyes that still come through even in the wildest of make-up!
Twiggy: It’s not my favorite. I think it’s the thing on your head that’s throwing me off. I don’t like it. I don’t really like the makeup either.
Elle: You look absolutely GORGEOUS and I love the makeup! But I'm detecting a little tightness around the mouth and I don't find it flattering on you.
Tyra: Yeah, Elle, I noticed that too. I think it almost works, I think you were trying to do a hard, fiery look, but it didn’t quite get there. And I hate to say it after all these weeks of improving it, but your eyes are just not connecting again for me. Still beautiful, though!

And your music video, where you were to embody Karina, from the hardcore band Young and Restless:

Judging Panel #8 Audrey23

Elle: I'm loving the intensity you are giving from just one Eye!!! Work It!!!
Twiggy: I think you did a good job here. You look like the artist, but you haven’t lost yourself either.
Miranda: You have a very demure pose in this picture, and while I do like it, I don’t feel it’s as dark as Karina Utomo is.
Tyra: Yeah, as beautiful as this shot is, you totally missed the mark and I thought you did the worst job at embodying the character given to you. I think this was a PEFRECT opportunity to show your versatility and pull out a fierce angry shot, but instead you fell straight back into beauty, so just be careful of that if you are here next week!

Next up is Kazara, who was WATER. Lets see your shot:
Judging Panel #8 Snake

Elle: I'm loving your face but I find the background really is distracting.
Twiggy: I LOVE this shot! This might be my favorite picture of the whole cycle. Your expression and your eyes…just wow. I don’t know what else to say!
Miranda: Absolutely stunning! With your serene look and the water as the backdrop, this picture conveys pure innocence.
Tyra: Innocence? Child, is you blind? This isn’t innocent, this is FIERCE! Kazara’s comin to getcha! I love it, the eyes are so intense, the makeup is chilling, its great, well done.

And here is you, portraying the quirky Kate Miller-Heidke(Pop/Folk):
Judging Panel #8 Music3

Elle: Fierce!!!! You captured the music video like a pro!!! And I'm loving your face tonight!!!
Miranda: I love the outfit! And I love the atmosphere you created! But you look a little stiff with your pose...much like a mannequin. There’s no denying that you’re a beautiful girl, but in this picture you look befuddled. It reminds me of a small child getting caught wearing her mother’s dress.
Twiggy: I think you did a pretty good shot of imitating the video, but not necessarily getting the essence of her if that makes any sense. Your face seems kind of lost.
Tyra: In response to Miranda’s mannequin comment, I actually think that works really well here, and you aren’t usually stiff so I’m just gonna assume that’s what you were going for. In the clip, she does quite erratic, jolted movements, and I think this captures that perfectly. I thought you were pretty successful in capturing her character, even though I would’ve liked a bit more character in the face, maybe a cheeky grin or something.

Next up is Cozy, who was caught in the WIND!! Lets have a look shall we!
Judging Panel #8 Wind025

Twiggy: This snake shot is very different than all the others and I really like it. I love the wind in your hair and the make up. Very good job. And the lighting is fantastic.
Elle: Your eyes are practically closed and I'm not connecting with the shot but I love the movement of the shot and the WIND IS IN YOUR HAIR!!!!
Miranda: I love how your eyes are turned away from the camera--it adds to the tranquility of the picture. My only complaint is that instead of a faux snake, it looks like you have a vacuum hose wrapped around your neck.
Tyra: I think that’s coz it IS a vacuum, Miranda! Lol. I think it looks snake like enough. As for the picture, I’m torn, coz I like it, then I don’t, then I do again. I think the shot would’ve been better if you ha lifted the snake a bit higher, so your eyes would’ve been more visible. The whole composition of the shot though is really very good!

And here we have you as the wonderful Miss Connie from Electronica band Sneaky Sound System. Funny Sweet Tyra Lesus Story: I was in a bar once, a little bit inebriated and my friend nudges me and goes “Oh my god look!” I looked over and walking out of the womens’ toilets was none other than…MISS CONNIE!!! Me and my friend looked at each other, then looked at her, then both simultaneously yelled “OH MY GAAAWWWDDD”!!!! She gave us this really strange look, smiled then walked away. It was uber embarrassing. Anyway, moving onto your shot, Cozy :-D
Judging Panel #8 MusicVideo026

Elle: This is pure magic to me. I love how you captured the mood of the music video while making it your own. Beautiful.
Miranda: I totally see Miss Connie in this picture! It’s more cheeky than glamorous, but I love it! And your setting is playful with a hint of kookiness
Twiggy: Very creative and very fun shot. But again, just like with Kazara, I feel like you mostly just copied the video and didn’t try to use it as inspiration at all.
Tyra: Twiggy, darling, you said that wonderfully! I agree. While I admire the amount of effort you put into this shot, it just doesn’t quite get there. I think you were holding back just a little and I think you could’ve given WAY more in the face. You look slightly worried and while you LOOK like Miss Connie, I don’t feel the same presence that she exudes.

Last, we have MillaJ, who is an EARTHY snake charmer! Lets see the shot:
Judging Panel #8 IMG_3653-2-2

Twiggy: I like it but I don’t love it. I can’t put my finger on why but this photo just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe just because Kazara’s was sooo amazing nothing else is going to be nearly as good in my eyes haha.
Elle: Your eyes POP!!! But I'm not loving this shot, Your head is somewhat disproportional because of the angle, it's not my favourite
Miranda: I like how you evoke earth with the ivy headpiece you're wearing, and the green backdrop, but you look too passive.
Tyra: That’s an interesting statement. Reading that, I’m thinking that “Yeah, it seems he was going for fierce but at the very last second tried being soft”. I think your eyes look slightly droopy as well. I love the makeup and leaf though, the “green” feel was not what I was expecting, I was more expecting a brown sort of tone, so that’s great that you chose to go that way.

And for your music genre, Alt Rock, you had to embody Daniel Johns, from Silverchair. Here we go:
Judging Panel #8 IMG_3475

Elle: You captured the video very nicely and I think you look very nice but I'm not getting much excitement from it
Twiggy: I think you did a great job of encompassing the essence of Silverchair here. I like the body angles you’re making and the face. It works very well as a fashion shot but also you did well with the assignment, good job.  
Tyra: Twiggy, for once, I completely disagree. I had a really tough time choosing your best shot for this, because there was something that I really didn’t like about all of them. In general, it was a good roll of film, but just something in every picture bothered me. In this one, in could be taken as “Hi, I’m Daniel Johns and I’m drunk on stage doing a poo!” Comparing this to your portfolio, I find that in general, you have the same expression in every shot, that inquisitive/fierce kinda look, so it would be good to see something different for a change. I don’t see Daniel Johns in this picture, I just see Joe.
Miranda: I don't believe you’re evoking Daniel Johns’ intensity as much as you could have--instead, you look a bit lost. Also, you took a risk with the pose, but I’m not quite sure it paid off--the slouch makes you look you look petite. You’re definitely an attractive guy, and you’ve turned out some of the most outstanding photos (e.g. your runway photo), but I feel that this week, you were relying too much you’re past accomplishments. On a positive note, I love your outfit, and the location is stunning!


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Judging Panel #8 Empty Re: Judging Panel #8

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