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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:18 pm

Welcome Final 6 to your sixth Judging Panel!!!
This week, you visited Hollywood and completed two 50s Hollywood glamour inspired shoots- Emotions, and also our Final 6 Runway Shoot that can be seen in every cycle of INTM!

Something else that can be found in every cycle is a overseas visit! And yes, the time has come! We will be traveling to…

BEIJING, CHINA!!!! But I only have 5 tickets!

Lets get to judging!!
Overall, I think the emotions photoshoot was very disappointing. We wanted RAW emotion and we really wanted you to feel what you were supposed to be portraying, or at least make us feel it. And I gotta say, most of you either overacted or under acted. This was a chance for all of you to produce a really emotive and powerful picture and it just fell flat in general.

Mikiel, you are first.

Your emotion was SCARED:
Judging Panel #6 Mikiel7

Bree: It's not horrible, but there's a lot wrong with it. The whitescale really makes it look amateur rather than fifties. Your outfit looks EXACTLY like my grandpa's favourite outfit. And clutching the Oscar is just weird. BUT I like your facial expression. It's very brave to pose face-on like that because we get an idea of how modelesque your features are, with those nice far-apart eyes.
Andy: You don't look so scared so much as you do greasy. Jeez dude, you look like you just ran a mile! Your expression makes me wonder what you were thinking! You don't look very scared, and I don't get what your holding. All in all I just don't get this shot at all! To much is going on and at this stage of the game you can't be making these mistakes.
Cozy: Ehhhhhh...mrfffff...not really...Idk... I was worried that you were the one that was going to look really fake, and unfortunately you proved me right. Fear is such a raw emotion, you had so many options! You could be getting attacked, or see a ghost, but instead you just look upset someone called Oscar a fatty. It doesn't look real, and unlike most of your pictures it doesn't even look like you're trying to be real. Next week you need to prove to us that you can do more than be a really good imitator.
MrJanice: Mmmm I'm not a fan of this picture. It's too overacted, and I don't even think you got the emotion right. You look confused instead of scared. I think scared would have been an easy thing to do. The outfit's not 50s and what's with the Oscar? We didn't want you guys wearing something from that decade, he wanted something that looked from that decade. Maybe you were trying to go with a story, but it just doesn't work...
SweetTyra: Im not really feeling this at all. I dont think you captured the emotion very well and its quite overacted, so much to the point that the emotion is confusing and unbelievable. And I dont think holding an award and having the shot in whitescale makes this 50s Hollywood themed either, I think you could have been a lot more creative, and far more accurate with the theme. Not only is the outfit irrelevant to the time and theme, it is also very unflattering and makes your arms look very chunky. You look more like a 90s hobo than a 50s Hollywood star

Judging Panel #6 Mikiel8

MrJanice: It's a good picture, but it's just so...boring. Now, I'm glad that you used a different outfit, because this one works a lot more than the one you used for the emotions picture, but it's still not that 50s. The rolled up sleeves are making it worse. I like that you wore suspenders, though. Pose is ok. I don't get the door, though :/
Cozy: Yeah, I don't really like the door idea. It isn't believable as a runway because it's too short. You do look like you're walking, but I wish you hadn't stuffed your fingers in your pocket like that. The outfit is great, but I wish you would've looked down into the camera. You look slightly arrogant in this shot.
SweetTyra: Lol I thought the door was an awesome idea, its heaps cool lol! And Cozy, I think you have to have an air of arrogance on the runway, you have to feel like you are the shit. I dont mind this shot. I think as a shot, it probably isnt that interesting, but I could definately see this as a still from a fashion show, the lighting and the outfit and the expression. You look like youve got a good stride going.
Bree: This makes up for that ghastly emotions picture!! I think it looks most like an actual runway still out of everyone in terms of the body. You're still doing your 'stare-into-space' face, but no one has a crazy-fierce-eye-contact face on the runway, so it's not too much of an issue. Hopefully you'll survive the week and work your buns off.
Andy: Eh, I'm not sold on this photo. At this point in the competition real competitors begin to emerge, and to be honest, I once thought you could make it to the Final 3, even Final 2, I think with your photos the past few weeks you have fallen to the back, your forgettable now, try and fix that- PLEASE!!!

Ok, Karasu, you are next!
Your emotion was SAD/CRYING:
Judging Panel #6 Karasu7

Andy: You picked the perfect spot to portray your emotion! I love the mirror reflection, you can tell you put some thought into this picture. While I think that the scenery is good I think you could have pushed yourself a little farther with your emotion. I don't really feel sad, and I in no way see crying. It's a decent picture of you no doubt, just a tad boring
SweetTyra: WOAH NO! Completely disagree! Im really feeling this, I think its very honest and genuine. What I love most about this shot is how relevant it is to the 50s style. And Im not talking so much about the clothes or hair, but more about the character. Men in the 50s were very private with their emotions, and I think you have captured that incredibly, with the head into the mirror, its much more personal rather than obvious and confronting, which I think is a lot more beautiful, the subtletly. I feel the story
Cozy: I really like this picture, it definitely makes me feel sad, but not because it's bad or anything. You look like you just got broken up with or something, you poor thing! And the composition is great too. So following the brief: A-plus, Making a good shot: A-plus! Love the little Marlon Brando curl in your hair too.
Bree: I'd say it's a bit too on the subtle side, but I would rather see too subtle than too over the top. The mirror is a nice touch - it looks like a dressing room. Body language is great, the way you clutch that hat just makes my heart bleed a little. I think I would just like to see a bit more vulnerability
MrJanice: I like it. I agree with Bree and Leigh when they say it's subtle. Subtle is not bad though. The outfit is not that 50s glamour, but it's good. It's more like 50s streetwear or something haha. Great job.

Judging Panel #6 Karasu8

Cozy: I actually really like this shot. It's verrrrry sexy (rolls r's). Again, very Marlon Brando, slinky panther, sleek Euro-rich look. The set is a little weird, content-wise, but it doesn't necessarily look BAD. I appreciate that you threw up a sheet for your background to give it a different color, that shows a really good eye. Speaking of eyes, yours are a little soft here. Too much bedroom eye can sometimes lead to bad things...
Bree: You're reminding me more and more of Jeraldo every day. I have to say I don't like this picture nearly as much as your sadness picture, but it's still not too bad. The body is confident and suave. I just think the face is a bit too serious with not enough life. You don't have to look "happy" per se, but I would have liked to see you look more awake
SweetTyra: How suave are you!!! You look like you belong on that runway, working for Armani. I do think its a little dead in the eyes though, more connection would have been nice, but as a long shot you can barely notice.
MrJanice: I like it. I like the outfit, the pose makes it look like you really are walking, but yeah the facial expression is a bit vague. I think that if you had the hat on, it would have made it a bit more 50s gangster. I know that wasn't what was asked for, but I'm a gangsta and i like gangsta things.
I don't get the trophies though. Why are they there? Where they necessary? Oh and you posed with your hands in your pockets but in the correct way! You used to do the whole hands, now you're not!
Andy: I would stand up and applaud you for this had this been an actual judging! Its great! Very fashion-y of you. I like the fact that the picture was taken almost in- motion and that you actually wore mens formal attire, even when your pictures are bad you still put a lot of effort into them and that's very commendable of you. You are probably the biggest threat to everyone in the competition and you stand the best chance of winning at this point.

LAUREN, your emotion was SHOCKED:
Judging Panel #6 Lauren7

SweetTyra: I dont think you captured the emotion we gave you in any of your shots, and so the only reason I chose this one was because I thought it was the only slightly interesting one and I liked the movement. There is very little facial control though, once again, you really havnt improved on that, and that facial control is one of the most important things about modelling.
Cozy: Well, you always have such energy in your shots, and sometimes it works for you. This week, though, I think it pulled you back. Your face doesn't really fit the brief, also you let your mouth and eyes go loose in the motion. Your outfit is almost Hollywood, but you should have worn your hair up.
Andy: I said Chantals picture last week was the worst, no, no, THIS is the WORST photo of this cycle so far. You don't looked so much shocked as you do in a daze or drunk, even high for that matter, I'm sorry I don't get it AT ALL. I liked you from the very beginning so I find it very disappointing to see you doing this bad!
MrJanice: I don't get shocked from this. It's more like you were flipping your hair and someone took a picture, and this is the result. I also think shocked was one of the easiest emotions to do. You could have exaggerated it a bit more without it looking overacted.
Bree: This shoot really required some acting, but I think you were trying too hard to get an action shot. I think you should take a que from Amaranth and just sit, figure our your angles, and pose your tail off. This has no charm, no polish, and above all no passion. Sorry girl, I love your personality but I'm SO at a dead end with your pictures.

Judging Panel #6 Lauren8

MrJanice: You look like a mannequin. Your expression is vague, and your pose makes you look stiff. You look really pretty and everything, but it just doesn't work :/
SweetTyra: Girl you frustrate the shit out of me sometimes. I love your body and your face but you just DONT seem to get this at all. The dress isnt 50s glamour, its more 90s prom. And you just cant seem toi be able to do a serious expression, it always looks like you think this is a ridiculous joke. You really have gotten worse every week, Im sorry to say.
Andy: If I could I would hit you upside the head for this weeks photos. They are so, how can I put this, bad. I can't believe this is the same girl from Week 1! Everything from your posture down to your face screams "I don't care!"
Bree: Okay, so here's the good: you have such a high-fashion look and body, and I don't think you even REALIZE it. Those long, skinny limbs, the androgynous face... you have constantly shone above your height. The problem is that you just lack any facial confidence at all. We've never once seen you just go "POW!" with the face, and I'm starting to think this was your last chance. You look like you're annoyed, or rather waiting for the shoot to begin. It's so not what we asked for, so graceless.

CHANTAL-JADE, your emotion was ANGRY!!! Grrr!
Judging Panel #6 Chantal7

MrJanice: Great comeback from last week! I do get 50s from your whole look, the make up, hair, and everything. This could have easily looked over dramatic, but I think you knew just how far to take it. Good job!
Andy: Whereas some seemed to fake with the emotion, I think it works here for your angry. I like the choice of adding the extra props, and I get the story you are trying to tell in the photo, you and Karasu are the 2 standouts in this competition thus far keep it up.
Cozy: I love the pose, you remind me of Norma Desmond! There is real anger in your eyes, but I think the snarl of the teeth is too much and makes this emotion look slightly contrived. The hair/outfit are great though
Bree: Chantal, Chantal, Chantal, I've emphasized your lack of neck a lot and I do really think it's something that you NEED to pay more attention to. Other than that, this is absolutely rockin' compared to last week, but you need to take advice and listen. You're lucky this works. You've proven that you're not afrait to give an ugly face, but you can't risk losing your pretty.
SweetTyra: I don’t like this as much as everyone else seems to. I definately see the correct emotion, but not really executed in the right way. Youve made this shoot kitsch and slightly gimmicky, instead of powerful and emotive, so it isnt really effecting me or engaging me to feel what you are feeling. I think you took this shoot as a fun joke, when it wasn’t intended that way. Im not sure, maybe I didn’t explain what we were really wanting to see. It would be a great shot if it was what we were looking for.

Judging Panel #6 Chantal8

SweetTyra: POW! Woooo, love the expression! *waves finger* FIIEEEERCEEE!!! You look a little like a mix between Anna Paquin and a good friend of mine called Ally in this shot *shoutout to ally bo bally wooo!!*  
Andy: Love this photo. You are gorgeous, and you give an early pin- up vibe and I am totally digging that. I really like this photo and I am glad to see you make major improvements this week.
Cozy: You remind me more and more of Audrey (Helena) every week, because you both have a sophisticated-lady quality. Your presence in this shot is very confidant and fashionable, but I think a straight-on or downward angle would help in making your body look a little longer
MrJanice: I said it last week, and I'll say it again, I really think you put a lot of thought and effort into your looks. You look great. Your outfit fits into the 50s theme, and at the same time it looks like something that would work today. It reminds me a bit of "I love Lucy". Your expression is soft, and your pose is great. Good job!
Bree: MY-OH-MY! You are WORKING that runway!! Absolutely beautiful, child. This is the Chantal I saw in your dramatic picture. You've got such a timeless beauty, a beautiful slim-but-curvaceous body, and it's all showing here. This picture has knocked my effing socks off.

AMARANTH, your emotion was HAPPY/LAUGHING:
Judging Panel #6 Amaranth7

Andy: I think that this is way to forced for my liking. You can tell your trying to put on an act, the hand says it all. Its to fake and while I like you, I think this is definitely one of your weakest shots.
Cozy: Very happy, honest emotion in the face. The umbrella (?) and the hair and makeup and glove are very hollywood as well. I'm not QUITE so sure about the shirt, but I love the elegance of your fingers. Well done!
SweetTyra: Oh Andy, no no!!!! I couldn’t disagreemore. I think this is so natural and genuine, I really believe it and I don’t think it is fake in the SLIGHTEST. Amaranth, you have an amazing face and smile for beauty and I was waiting for that to be proven, and I think it just has been. I think you really nailed it, well done. Im really happy to know that you are continuing to listen and improve and put in all the effort, I am finally starting to see you wanting this and not only that, but deserving it.
Bree: Absolutely beautiful take on the 1950's theme. Everything that you CHOSE (your backdrop, clothes, and ESPECIALLY hair and makeup) is perfection. I'm just not entirely sure about the face. The same thing with closed lips would have been great. It makes your teeth look a bit big. But this is absolutely amazing, to see the girl whom I thought was afrait to not be serious loosen the heck up!
MrJanice: Well, I do like the expression and pose and whatever. You look genuinely happy, and I think the other judges will agree when I say that that's what we wanted. However, I don't really get 50s glamour from this. I think it's the glove. It makes it look gothic more than 50s, to be honest. Other than that, great job

Judging Panel #6 Amaranth8

Bree: Absolutely glamorous, fabulous, and sly. Amaranth, you've really come leaps and bounds in my eyes, at just about the right stage in the competition. You look like you really know how to walk, and you're working an accessory. At the beginning of the competition I had you pegged as a modern-looking strange-pretty type, but with that milky skin and those hooded eyes, you're actually a total fifties glamour girl. I want an Amaranth collectible doll!
Cozy: This would have been perfect for the wobbly runway shoot, you look like you're going to fall into the snow! It's very elegant and classy, I love the shape of your arm and the expression on your face. My one critique for you (and almost everyone else, listen up models) would be that you don't look like you're actually walking. Tsk tsk. But the whole finished package is very impressive
Andy: Great choice of scenery I love that, but now for the negatives... I think the negative is your body language in the photo. I think you could have done so much more than just merely hold the jacket. While I give you kudos for standing outside in the freezing cold, I will say you are giving a stank face if I have ever seen one. You let the scenery overpower you, and its a disappointing photo.
MrJanice: As a normal picture, this is amazing! As a runway still, it's a bit odd. I think it's the way your body is turned. Your feet are pointing one way, and your upper body is turning in a different way. It's kind of like Amanda's tango picture. The whole outfit, the make up and hair, are awesome. It looks so classy and sophisticated. Great job!
SweetTyra: Once again, such a gorgeous shot! The connection with the eyes is amazing. I have to agree with MrJan about the position, I think your left hand looks very awkward, its kind of a strange position to be holding the jacket in, especially if you were walking. And Ive gotta say, you really need to take those damn coloured bands off youre wrist if they arent relevant to the theme or to the outfit. I know it seems to be you and Lucy's "thing", but you should never wear your own jewelerry to a photoshoot!!!! Its very distracting. Other than that, I really have to take a moment to applaud you. You must have been freezing there and not only does it not show in your face,(hmm maybe a little in the moth, but just a little almost no) but farout, that’s commitment right there. There are some people in this competition who would have said “Ugh its cold outside, Ill just do my shoot inside” and I absolutely love that you havnt sacrificed creating a great atmosphere in your shot just for your own comfort. Bravo, its really impressive.

KILLIAN, your emotion was DREAMY/SMITTEN:
Judging Panel #6 Killian7

Cozy: Oh no you're blurry again! Ugh. It's not a bad facial shot, it's probably a pretty good expression from what I can see, it's just not very model-y to have your face blurred out. It MIGHT be 50's, i don't know, cuz all I can see of your outfit is a collar and I can't see your hair at all.
Bree: You have a lovely expression here, but it's difficult to decipher because of the blurriness and the tightness of the frame. We don't really see the fifties style, and you appear to have just let your hair fall at your side. BUT, your expression is very cute, very sensitive, like a young and naive male actor. Not your worst.
Andy: Killian- While I think the photo is a little to blurry for my liking I do get the impression that you purposely did so to add to the dreamy appearance. Overall, its just ... blah, and there is nothing really to it.
MrJanice: I like the picture, I just don't like the blurriness. Were you trying to use it for dreamy? If so, you didn't have to. Your expression does say dreamy, and I like the angle and everything.
SweetTyra: Ok, so Im actually kind of glad that this picture came out blurry because I think its very appropriate.I actually chose this picture BECAUSE of the blur. EVERY shot was almost EXACTLY the same, and only had really slight differences. I don’t understand why on earth you or anyone for that matrer would send me six of the same shots! It gives us no variety and really no options. But other than that, I think this is a nice shot that fits the brief but is just plain yawn.

Judging Panel #6 Killian8

Bree: Buwahuh? This was your best shot? You look like you're doing some sort of log-jumping dance. I just don't understand. You have zero facial control when you're doing something quirky with your body, so how many shots do you honestly take?? You HAVE to know when you look at this picture, "Man, this looks kind of insane." So why don't you take a few more? You need to learn to relax your face no matter what you do with your body.
Andy: I'm sorry, but once again, I just can't like this photo. You tried to make it edgy by going way right, but the overall product is just unexciting. There is so much going on with the scenery that to be honest my eyes don't directly draw to you. Plus with your mouth hanging open like that it kinda looks like something fell out of your mouth or you just spit or something. Honestly Killian this is not your best.
Cozy: What happened to your photographer? It's almost as if you are trying to get back into frame. The DOOR has a better presence in this photo than you do! Your leg has escaped, and you look as if you're about to take the biggest lunge of a step there ever was on a runway. We compliment your face a lot, but here you've lost control and left your mouth hanging open and your eyes spacing into the flash. More confidence is needed, please!
MrJanice: outfit's great, but the pose and expression aren't. You're leaning back too much and your expression's weird. It would have been better if it was taken from the front and you were just simply walking.
SweetTyra: I don’t understand why you chose this location considering your head was touching the ceiling and you had to lean backwards or forwards. Was there really NO other option? You just really do not think about your settings very well. You don’t look like you are walking down the runway and if you were, lord help you if you posed like that at the end. You were a bit of a trainwreck this week for me, which is disappointing because I was beginning to believe you were going in the right direction.

OK, models! The judges will now deliberate and when I call you back, I will reveal who will NOT be travelling to China and who will not still be in the running towards becoming IMDBs Next Top Model!

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Judging Panel #6 Empty Re: Judging Panel #6

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:19 pm

Welcome back models!

There are 6 beautiful models standing before me, but I only have 5 sets of photos and 5 tickets to China in my hands. The name of the model I do not call, must make thier way back to the house, pack up their belongings and leave immediately.

The first person going to China is.......

KARASU!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! You are still in the running towards becoming IMDBs Next Top Model!

The next name...




Will Killian and Lauren please step forward.
Guys, all the judges agree that you both have the same inhibitions. You both lack confidence in this competition and are both very quick to critisize yourselves. If you dont believe in yourselves, how do you expect the judges to? Both of you have great potential, but both of you are unable to take control of your shoots; control your faces and your bodies. These things have been an issue with both of you for quite some time and neither of you have improved on what we asked you to improve on. The judges feel like both of you have made it as far as you can in this competition.

I still have just one set of photos and one ticket in my hands. And these things belong to.......

KILLIAN! I would say congratulations, but I dont think you should be too happy. If you dont totally blow us away next week, I can pretty much gaurantee your elimination.
Thankyou so much Lauren, its such a shame you slipped so far after a strong start. You will be missed!!!

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