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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:21 pm

Hello models and Welcome to your Seventh Judging Panel.

First order of business.

Amaranth has quit the competition due to parental interjection. I want to wish her all the best, but after so many frickin quits and dropouts and only 3 real eliminations in this entire cycle, its hard to swallow. GRRR!!

So, we are down to our Final Four!

But don’t sit pretty just yet, because we WILL be eliminating someone today, fast tracking us to the Final 3 and the final photoshoot!

So, this week you came to Beijing, China!! And you did TWO photoshoots, a beauty shot and a shoot for Hobby Hall, where you posed on a bike that had to have at least one wheel airborne. We told you that the person who impressed us, the client for Hobby Hall, the most will receive an advantage at the next photoshoot. However, because of Amaranth’s decision to quit, you will receive that advantage today. So, if the person with the best bike shot failed with their beauty shot, that may just have saved you!!

Lets get to judging!

MrJanice was, errr, kind enough to give us some of his thoughts whilst jacked up on crack. Here they are: If you can decipher it, please let us know LOL Razz

"ilike karsu´s pictures
irperpedfer mlikiesl´! biek but not the colors one, and i liek chatnals´color , mikiela sha sbotnennnet! hahahahahah
mikiels bike is good
chatnals´is sook
i like her co lorpictrue bher lbue one
but not milikes´eywoolo one"

LOL ok, first up is...

Judging Panel #7 Chantal9

Andy: Gorgeous. You have progressed so much since week 1, let alone your robot picture and this picture shows it. I love, love, love, this picture.
Cozy: I think your prep for this shot was good, the makeup and the feather and everything, however I wish you had done this more straight on and with a little more fire behind your eyes. With such pale eyeshadow you really need to emphasize those peepers.
MrJanice: It's a good picture, but the angle doesn't work. It makes your jaw look heavier. I like the blueness, your makeup's really good. I would have preferred if you had taken the picture completely facing the camera, instead of doing the little profile
Bree: You have such a pretty face, Chantal, it's very feminine, but there's an understated strength. Because of the strength of your face you need to REALLY watch your angles. Remember your first picture? (Gosh, that seems like ages ago, how far you've come!) You were jaw-heavy. Now you look a little nose-heavy, and dare I say, almost a bit masculine, which is absurd because you're one of the most beautiful girls I've seen in a long time. There are positive points to this picture (the eyes are lovely, and you have NECK! Yeyy!) unfortunately you need to watch your angles.
SweetTyra: The combination of the angle and the scarf around the neck does make you look a little like a drag queen. BUT in saying that, it could also be said to be androgenous, which is fashionable so, yeh WOO lets be androgenous lol. I think you did have the best set up of props and makeup- it wasn’t overkill, but it was enough to give us what we wanted, and it was probably the only one that was fashionable, so kudos for that.

Judging Panel #7 Chantal10

Bree: My problem isnt' that you're pulling yourself up (to be honest I thought Lesus made this shot wayyy too hard for you guys, but hey, he is the master of puppets). My problem is that it kind of shows. You could have bent your body differently so that you really looked like you were in motion. You're beautiful as always, but if I took the bike away I wouldn't get the message at all. You're just standing, looking hot, and someone put a bike... under... you...
MrJanice: I agree with Bree. You made it really obvious that you're holding yourself up. It wasn't an easy photoshoot, but there were other ways for you to do what was asked for. Anyway, I like your expression and your head tilted. I like the pose and the outfit. The only negative thing is what i already pointed out.
Cozy: I don't hate it. Your face is controlled and your body looks nice and long. A bit more neck and some more angles with your limbs and this shot would be great.
Andy: Your a gorgeous girl, with a gorgeous face, and a gorgeous model-esque body. Overall with your performance this week you are my hands down favorite pick to win this competition. This is a great fashion shot. From your hair, to your arm all the way down to your legs you OWN this shot.
SweetTyra: Ive gotta say, while it is obvious you are holding yourself up, I agree with Andy. I think you look absolutely killer and youve sold the bike really well. In almost all your shots throughout the comp, you have this attitude about you that totally pulls me in and it makes me wanna be friends with you and go shopping with you and bitch about bitches with you lol. I think, once again, this was by far the only fashionable outfit. You made it sportswear without making it 12 year old on her way to basketball practice. Its like…ghetto sportswear, its cool.


Judging Panel #7 Karasu10

MrJanice: At first glance, it looks like a really soft expression, but now that I'm looking at it, it's not that soft. It almost looks like you're angry. I like that haha:D. I like the picture. It's really subtle and you incorporated the green well. Great job
Bree: Kara-SOO! So, something about this shot reminds me of a ninja turtle, in a good way. This is really great because I didn't think you were much of a classic beauty-shot guy, but this is actually fabulous. You have paint on your face but you still look clean and natural, and there's a certain allure in your eyes that makes me want whatever your selling. Also, um, you have really tiny hands!! But they look great in the picture, like a lotion ad
Cozy: Omigosh, your hand does look tiny! It's a good beauty shot, it's just a little too feminine for my taste. Excellent eye contact tho
Andy: No, I do not like this picture. I do not like the smeared paint on your face, and I do not like your hand and the beads. Its too too much in your picture, whereas Chantal had a lot in her photo she still stayed in control with you I feel like you threw a bunch of props and your picutre and said "Here I am!" Its overdone and it's not one of your best
SweetTyra: I agree with Cozy and Andy about separate things. It is quite feminine and Im not as excited about it as the others. You do have a very masculine look and what you are doing with your hand, you would never see a male model do, it is very feminine and too soft, you should have been very strong and manly, it conflicts a lot with your look. I also don’t quite get the green paint. I found it to be a bit generic and pointless and I dunno…just unoriginal and messy.

Judging Panel #7 Karasu9

MrJanice: I like the pose, I like the way you're holding the bike. I don't really mind the facial expression, but it is a bit overacted. Oh and you lost your neck. I know they're minor details, but since the competition's almost over, those details matter.
Cozy: I love the casual pose here, it works and it looks really cool and athletic. So much sass behind your eyes too. I don't think you're necessarily overacting, but you're definitely emoting with your nostrils again. It looks like you're trying to pooch out your lips
Bree: So, this is a bit like your car shot. The only thing is, I think you overacted it a bit. Instead of looking like, "Yeahhh, I'm hardcore on this bike, you wanna get with my bo-day!" you look like you're parodying those "always rides a ten=speed" types. I like your body a LOT, but the face doesn't fit with the shot. Too exaggerated, sadly
Andy: Week after week its the same face, same distorted pose. I may speak for myself in saying this but you just have one facial expression you do in most of your pictures. I do not doubt your modeling potential, you have delivered some of the best pictures in this competition however, I think we need to see more from you instead of this serious face you put on week after week. If this does not change, like Jonny, you won't win.
SweetTyra: What is going on! Get out of my head Andy! What he just said is pretty much exactly what I was thinking. I love the expressions you give, but they are quite similar. Blue Steel! I would like to see you do something different. Also, I find this picture really boring, theres nothing dynamic or interesting about it. The pose is good and the face is good, but it is slightly bland. Also, you havnt thought about the product at all. The bike is mostly out of frame, and that is what you are meant to be selling. Bit disappointing this week dude.


Judging Panel #7 Killian9-1

MrJanice: I like it. You look like a samurai. You finally completely controlled your face. The expression is cool and yeah. The only negative thing is the circle thing on your head. What is it? Well, other than that great job!
SweetTyra: I don’t like this picture at all. The expression, I think, is a bit flat, you have lost the light from your face, I told you to have a plain background and you can see the door and I think you took this shoot too literally with the whole bowing of hands and red ring on the head. Now, the judges didn’t see this, but with two of your shots, you were holding the red ring out in front of your face to look through it, and in doing this, you covered the majority of your face. This was meant to be a beauty shot, so the face is the selling point. To me, this just proved to me that you still don’t really know what to do and you seem to luck into some shots. I don’t think you’ve ever had a week where majority of your frames are great, theres usually only one or two good ones. At this point, I do feel like you are getting the sympathy vote from some judges because you are the underdog and you are such a great guy and very passionate about this. But in my opinion, while I like you and your pictures arent terrible, they arent up to the standard of the other three competitiors.
Bree: Hey now! This is the most creative we've ever seen you. I'm not just giving you sympathy points here. You've mastered your eyes, they're very comanding. I think if the photo quality was higher, you'd have made more of an impression. However, what I do see is an extreme desire in your picture, like, "Fuck you judges, I'm proving you wrong!!"
Cozy: I don't get what you're doing with your hands, and the shot is out of focus again. But I LOVE the expression. It's fierce and manly. Zero neck in this shot, however.
Andy: No. Just No. Im sorry Killian but you made it this far because of others misfortunes and at this point in the competition I just think its best to come to the realization that you had a good run, but now its time to go. Although a few other pictures this week were bad there is no denying that, yours is at a whole other level of bad.

Judging Panel #7 Killian10

Andy: I like the fact that the bike is in motion, I especially like how the tire is popping out of the picture in a sense. However, you look very anxious and very nervous in the face and it shows. Its a good picture, one of the better ones of the week, but I'm just not sure if your Top 3 potential.
MrJanice: Whoa. This picture's awesome. Your facial expression gives the expression that you're going hella fast on the bike. Your face is controlled, and you're giving a great expression. I like the way you used the bike and everything. Great job!
Bree: Niiiice! You really got the "extreme sports" side of things. Your face is a bit mean, but I like it nonetheless, because it's sexy-mean. You know, you've always had such trouble controlling your face while doing something nifty with your body, and I thought being on a bike wouldn't do you any favours. However, here you are, rocking the shit!!
Cozy: You're kinda scaring me in this pic. Your face looks crazy and your body looks disproportional. I like what you did in emphasizing the front wheel, but you are not aware of yourself at all.
SweetTyra: Honestly, I think Bree and MrJanice are on drugs right now and are basing this week on personality, not performance and Im sorry to burst that bubble for you Killian, but you need soemone to be honest to you. I love the effort and the motion, but the face isnt controlled at all. The neck looks weird like you are pulling your chin down, to the same effect you had with your 80s pic. Also, you cant see the bike very well and the fact that the tyre is so prominent in the foreground makes your body look small. I do think your pictures are almost there, but almost there isnt good enouygh for me for Final 3


Judging Panel #7 Mikiel9

MrJanice: This picture's...weird. It just looks like a normal picture, the only difference is that you're wearing a yellow scarf as a bonnet :/ I like that your happy, you've never really been happy in a picture before.
Bree: This isn't a bad shot, but I probably like this the least so far. You tried something different for you, it's very sensitive, it's a different angle than what you usually give, but it's just a tad boring. Wish you had done some crazy paint on your face or something! You'd better hope someone does worse than you, because you might get B2'd for something that isn't really a bad shot - but "not bad" isn't good enough.
Cozy: Again, this is too feminine. I like that you're actually looking into the camera instead of gazing pretentiously into the distance. There's still something a bit off here though...
Andy: This picture would get a big fat F had you been in grade school. Mikiel I just don't see that spark I did in the first few weeks in the competition and this picture proves it. Your eyes are so fantastic in the picture, but the overall look you went for fails.
SweetTyra: Umm, who let Mother Teresa into the comp? Lol. I think your choice of item totally ruined this shot for you. If you had soemthing- ANYTHING- else on your head other than that cloth/bonnet/head wrap thing, Id probably give you first callout because the face is so warm and so joyous and so genuine, probably the most relatable and controlled we have seen from you. But yeah, this was a weird decision. I kind of don’t understand whats going on with you dude. Comparing your first shot to this one…your frame shot was so dynamic, the omposition was great and it looked professional, but this looks like it was done by akid in his bedroom taking new Myspace pictures. I know you can do so much better.

Judging Panel #7 Mikiel10

Andy: I like the fact that you made the bike seem like it was in motion doing a trick but I do not like you in the shot. As weird as it sounds, I feel like your face is ruining the image. There is nothing to it, you just look so bland and blah.
Cozy: You obviously put a lot of work into photoshopping this, which is illegal and at this point in the competition is unforgivable. It's a decent shot, because you look different than you usually do, but come on. How many times does Lesus have to say no editing?
Bree: So you photoshopped the picture, but actually, it looks like a pretty good job!! Your bike picture is the best so far because you really sold the "sports" angle. You got that it was supposed to be extreme sports, not just "fierce" posing and adding a bike in. You haven't been outstanding for the past few weeks, so THIS proves that you still have what we saw before.
MrJanice: You photoshopped the picture? I like what you're doing with the bike and the pose, but the expression's extremely vacant. You have such an extreme pose, and the face doesn't match.
SweetTyra: Is it photoshopped? I cant tell. I maybe think it could be then I maybe think it isnt. I think you have sold the bike the best out of everyone, and the shot is almost brilliant. The thing is, I just don’t see any passion or any feeling for that matter, in your expression. Looking out of the corner of your eye at this shot looks, amazing, then you focus of the face and it gets a bit boring.


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Judging Panel #7 Empty Re: Judging Panel #7

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:21 pm

Welcome back models.

We are finally at the Final Three. This elimination was very close and it definately was not unanimous.
However, one person did stand out as the most impressive.

Four of you stand before me, but I only have three sets of photos in my hands. The name I am about to call out is the name of the person who was hired by Hobby Hall and is the first person in our Final 3 of IMDBs Next Top Model.

That name is...

The next person came a very close second...


Will Killian andMikiel please step forward.

This competition has gotten very tough, with every competitor stepping it up, showing their passion and their commitment. Unfortunately, you two are atb the bottom of a very strong pack. You have both delievered good pictures and bad pictures.

Mikiel, in the beginning you impressed us with your creative talents and your charisma in your pictures. However, for almost four weeks now, we have yet to see the same spark we saw at the beginning and some judges believe you have given all you can give. However, there are still those who know you have something special within you.

Killian, you have been an underdog from the very start. Some judges believe that the only reason you are still here is because of other peoples mistakes and not because of your own ability. However, some also believe that you have soemthing nobody else does and that is relatability and the passion and determination to keep improving and succeeding.

Boys, I only have one set of photographs in my hands. And that belongs to...

KILLIAN. To be honest, I do not agree with this elimination AT ALL. and I think you are very lucky that there are judges on the panel who are heavily influenced by personality. Mikiel, I am genuinly very sorry that you will not be continuing. But, congratulations to killian for your efforts and I do appreciate your passion and determination.

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