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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:32 pm


Welcome, ladies and men to your second Judging Panel. And it is also your FIRST elimination! I have a bit of news for you: flake_baby_kitten has dropped out of the competition. However, unlike last week, someone WILL be eliminated.
You may have wondered where the challenge was this week. There WILL NOT be a challenge every week of the competition. However, this week there WAS one! This week, the challenge was only available to 2 people. One of those people knows of the challenge, the other doesn’t. As you know, this week you all picked a number between 1 and 13 to decide a photo shoot. What most of you don’t know is that one of these numbers gave one person a very important decision. Let’s have a look at what happened:

*on the screen appears Tyra, who is talking to another person who cannot be seen*

You are about to be given a choice which could be a gift or a curse. Here are ALL the scenario options for this week’s photo shoot. You get to choose which crime scene you will convey! However, there are only 12 different scenes, which means you will have the same concept as another model. This also means that you will be judged comparatively against this model, whether the judges are consciously aware of it or not. If you receive a higher callout total than the model who has the same crime scene, you will win a special prize! However, if they get a higher total, they will win a prize of DOUBLE the value!

*on the screen, the camera moves to reveal the model who chose the lucky number. And it is….*


The photo shoot she chose will be revealed later on in panel, so I hope you are all nervous!

Please welcome your guest judge for this week, Photographer Mike Rosenthal (killian-matthew). Ok, let’s get on to the photos! This week, you posed as murder victims in a crime scene. First up is…

Ana, you were strangled! Lets see your best shot:
Judging Panel #2 Ana210

Jay: I am not fond of this pic. Stop using the antique brown. It does not do justice to your pictures, it makes you look older.
Mike: I like it. It's vintage, and I could see it in a magazine.
Tyra: Yeah, for this shoot, that tone really does work well in setting the mood, but I think next time we would like to see some colour from you. Also, I know you were trying to convey being strangled with the scarf, but it just looks like you are wearing a scarf! More creativity next time would be great. I love your eyes in this picture!
Twiggy: Yes, they seem very soft yet intense.

Ok, thanks! Next we have…  Kazara-1, who was shot right in the head!
Judging Panel #2 Deadshoot

Twiggy: Vast improvement this week! You look creepy! But your eyes are so bright and gorgeous. Haha, I actually like this shot better as a beauty shot for you (minus the blood) more than last weeks. Very creative though, good job
Nigel: Loved the gun shot in the head and you're eyes are amazing
Mike: Very disturbing. She almost looks like she's crying. Her expression and eyes are kind of 'Hang on bitch, did you just shoot me?' I think the picture is just too small. I don't think she knows how to work the camera yet.
Tyra: Mike, I disagree! I think the tightness of the framing onto her face really draws out the pain and mood of the picture. Its great, I love it. And it is one of the only ones that I feel tells a story, with the props. We know she wasn’t killed for money! Very creative thinking.

Thankyou! Next we have…StevieMc, who was poisoned! Le’s see your best shot:
Judging Panel #2 Stevie11

Nigel: Umm...it looks like a dead body but I would've never guessed being poisoned...it's not my favortie picture but it's not that bad
Jay: This is the least modelish shot for me. It seems like youve just had alcohol poisoning while playing beer pong with some of your dorm mates.
Twiggy: This shots looks rather amateur when compared to the others. I know you're new to the competition, but that doesn't mean you're going to get special treatment. Seeing what you would've done last week for the beauty shot I was really expecting more creativity with the make up
Tyra: Yeah, I agree with Twiggy, it really didn’t seem like you tried this week. You were allowed into this competition late because or your passion for it. Now that you are here, don’t let us see that it is slipping away.

Thankyou! Next is…Audrey_horne, the electrocuted!
Judging Panel #2 Audrey15

Twiggy: This totally came across as electrocuted to me. Good job. I love the use of make up and props. You really thought this through. Still though, I would have liked to see a little more behind the eyes. You had that same problem last week so I’d say that that’s what you really need to work on. Otherwise great job!
Mike: This is disturbing. Haha, but that's what a photograph of this kind is supposed to make you feel. However, you just don't look like a model here.
Tyra: I have to kind of agree, I would have loved to have seen a leg stretched out over the side of the tub, just to have more of a pose happening and doing something interesting with your body. But in saying that, this is an amazing shot, yet again.
Nigel: You definitely are doing well so far in this competition. I love this photo and I have to admit it is a little eerie and super realistic. This seems like a tricky death and you pulled it off very very well.

Thanks! Up next is…MillaJ-Joe, who was pushed off a rooftop.
Judging Panel #2 Joey211

Mike: The lighting is absolutely beautiful, and this photo even more so. The eyes just tear through you, and you feel as if he's looking up for the last moments of his life. The position is very good. And I can DEFFO see it in a fashion mag.
Twiggy: This is a good shot, but all I see is Jaslene here. It looks almost exactly like her dead shot from Cycle 8. I would have liked to see more creativity on your part as opposed to just copying what has already been done. You're a good model so I expect more here
Janice: The picture is too dark and i can't see your eyes. I don't feel any connection. You look more like a no-name lying on the street than a top model.
Tyra: *gasp* Janice! I COMPLETELY disagree! This was my favourite shot this week. It may not have as much crazy make up as some of the others, but it is one of the only fashion shots. And I dunno WHAT these people are saying about no eyes, even though the sides of the picture have that blurred effect, the eyes are totally connecting with me. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, well done.

Thanks! Next up is…Jono, who was drowned to death! Here’s the best shot:
Judging Panel #2 Imdbtmphotoshoot02d

Twiggy: Much better this week! You look dead, you really do. But I still see something in your eyes, which is really hard to pull off. Maybe it’s because of the redness in your eyes? Good job making the water look kind of icky as well, it really helps the photo. You’ve stepped up your game this week for sure!
Jay: GREAT IMPROVEMENT. Even though your look doesn’t scream model, I see a lot of potential in you. This week you made a great progression and I hope you keep at it
Tyra: I really love the creativity you bring to the this competiton, but I still have an issue with your eyes. You seem to get half way there. They aren’t completely vacant, but they don’t go POW!

Next up is…finchie8, who was cruelly locked in a freezer! Brrr!!!
Judging Panel #2 Finchi14

Twiggy: Love love love this shot! You are my favorite thus far in the competition. As I’ve said before the camera just loves you. And your make up and facial expression are fantastic! You’re so aware of your body here and you just look great, even for being frozen alive, haha!
Mike: My goodness, it's just beautiful. It's intense, it's haunting, and it leaves you sitting there. It's a bit cramped, but somehow she made it work. She used her makeup well without overdoing it,  and it's very believable that she could actually be frozen.
Jay: This absolutely blew me away. It doesn’t scream frozen but that’s what is good about it, its subtle and it makes it seem more realistic. Another great week for you Nigel: Loved this death scene and it was pulled off extremely well. I would've liked to see your eyes facing the camera but I just can't get over the make-up on the face. Tyra: I have nothing to say, the others have said it all for me! Well done again this week.

Thanks! Next we have…Casey, who was set on fire and burnt to death.
Judging Panel #2 Fire

Tyra: Ok, before the other judges tell you their thoughts, I would like you to listen to mine…VERY carefully. I was VERY disappointed in you this week. You didn’t completely understand your concept and that’s fine. However, when you sought my help and I gave you as much information as I could, you proceeded to do it YOUR WAY. You did not listen to the brief AGAIN, and you did not listen to ME. I love your creativity and I know that you can pull off great shots, but damn, boy, learn to LISTEN! Clients don’t just want a cool looking picture, they want a particular story in a shot. When I was in Paris as a teenager, there was this one girl I rented a room with who thought her ideas were better than the artistic directors’ and the clients’. She didn’t last long in Paris. You know what happened to her? One of the photographers doused her in gasoline and lit a match.  
Twiggy: Cool work with photoshop, but it's not at all what the assignment was. You're supposed to be dead! And you're definitely not dead here. You really need to pay better attention to the assignment.
Nigel: I would've liked to see more creativity coming from this rather than something that was photoshopped. You look like the Human Torch in this photo and I don't see a burned victim just a super hero
Janice: That’s what I said Nigel! Look right here in my notes: “The assignment of this photoshoot was crime scenes and not superheroes” Haha!
Tyra: You do take good shots, just PLEASE read the brief properly next time!

Thanks! Next up is…Avess, who was pushed down a flight of stairs!
Judging Panel #2 DEADME

Twiggy: Sooo creepy, and that’s a good thing! I like photos that illicit a certain emotion from me. The make up and blood works very well in this shot. You might look a little too dead though, not enough life in your eyes. But that would be my only criticism.
Jay: Great picture, but remember its not about who created their scene their best or who looks like they really got killed. You need to represent a model while doing these things. Janice: I'm captivated by this pic. You captured the mood of this shot and still look gorgeous. I have nothing bad to say about it.
Tyra: I do. But not much! My main criticism is the face. You look a bit content, like you wanted to be killed haha. Also, theres no way of telling how you died, so just think more about a setting next time. But I LOVE what you do with makeup and evertything else, it really adds to your pictures.

Thanks! Next we have…only_a_name, who was hit by a car at top speed!
Judging Panel #2 20080520003

Jay: I love the attention to detail and I do see a lot of potential in you. You work those angles and even though you’re dead I can see life in your eyes..
Twiggy: love the body positioning here. You really don't seem to be worrying about what's comfortable and that's good. I also love the eye contact with the camera.
Nigel: I like the body positioning of this as well, I like the fact that it's on the street and that it looks like you actually got hit by a car. I would've liked to see more dirt on the clothes or blood to make it seem more realistic
Tyra: Girrrl, your eyes are FIERCE in this picture, I love it, its like you’re ready to seek revenge on the person who did this. I especially love the props as well, they can add a lot to a picture.

Thankyou! Next up is…HurricaneMimi, who was dug up after being buried alive!
Judging Panel #2 Mimi211

Twiggy: I love this pose. It might even be a little too posey with the pointed toe but I still love it. I just wish I could see your eyes better. I don’t know if it’s the make up or what but they’re kind of lost.
Mike: I personally believe that even though she was supposed to be dead, she could have given so much more intensity to the camera. She's just there, and very absent from the photograph. There's a way that your character can be far away from the photograph and yet still have that passion that makes one so astounding.
Nigel: Nice body position and that you're lying on the grass. I had to look really close to see that you're eyes were open but it wasn't that bad. I can understand why you wouldn't want to put all this excess dirt on yourself so I'll let that slide. Janice: My first look goes to your beautifully tensed up legs and feet. Death of a dancer. But your face isn't that strong. For me your eyes are dead.
Tyra: I thought the same thing at first, but if you zoom in on the pic, her eyes just go BOOM!

And last we have CozyTombRez…Y’all ready to find out what shoot she did? Here it is:
Judging Panel #2 Project3-1

Which means JONO, you are now competing against Cozy for this weeks challenge prize! Let’s see what the judges had to say:

Twiggy: I think this is a pretty picture, but you don’t really read dead to me. This shot reminds me more of ethereal angels than it does a death scene.
Mike: A very beautiful photograph. It's elegant, it's mystifying - it's the kind of photograph that makes you want to know more. The color is great, and it seems like a piece of art rather than a photograph.
Jay: Its interesting….Except I don’t see dead really. You take wonderful pictures, but I didn’t feel your eyes connected with the concept.
Tyra: I loved this picture. I don’t know why y’all saying she doesn’t look dead. In her other shots she sent me, she didn’t really look dead. I think the thing that saves this picture is the blue tone, it really complements the scenario beautifully and I can tell you thought about this shot really well, giving me a variety of shots.

Ok, I am now going to ask you to leave the room while the judges deliberate. When you return, one model will…be…eliminated!

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Judging Panel #2 Empty Re: Judging Panel #2

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:50 pm

TYRA: *does 'serious' face* Welcome back, ladies and men. I have 12 gorgeous human beings standing in front of me, but I only have 11 pictures in my hands. If I do not call your name, you must go back to the house, pack your belongings and leave.

First name I’m going to call…is…

Finchie8, congratulations!

Next name…



Jono, congratualtions! You are the winner of this weeks challenge, as you scored a higher callout average! Your prize is….

4 extra frames at the next photoshoot!

Next name is…





CozyTombRez, I just want to let you know that I am appalled by this callout order and I think you should have got MUCH higher for that picture. Just goes to show I am not the only judge to impress!

Next name is….

Ana, congratulations!

Will StevieMc and MrBrightside please step forward. I have only 1 photo in my hands. The boy whos name i do not call will be asked to go back to the hotel, pack their belongings and leave the competition immediately.

Stevie, we let you into this competition with high expectations of you and your passion. However, this week, that passion was lost and it showed in your picture.

MrBrightside, there is no doubt that you have a very creative mind and have the skills to create and amazing photograph. However, this week, many of the judges were put off by your inability to follow direction.

StevieMc, congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming IMDB's Next Top Model. MrBrightside, I'm sorry, it's time to go Before you leave, please post a cnfessional explaining your feeling, who you think should be the next to go and who you think will win. Thankyou, and im sorry.

Don't forget to cast your vote for next week's CMOTW!

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