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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:59 pm

Hello aspiring models and welcome to your very first Judging Panel!!!
Lets meet our loyal judges!

Bree, winner of Cycle 2.
Cozy, Runner-Up of Cycle 1.
Mark(Firebolt- has not commented today, but did include his callout order)
Mr. Janice.
Kazara, winner of Cycle 1. (Who did not join us today)
And of course, me! The fiercest in the land!

This week, you discovered you will be completing photoshoots from Next Top Model franchises of the world, and we kicked off this week with shoots from Australia and the Philippines. This week was all about raw potential- just how much basic knowledge and talent do you have to start off in the modeling world? Your first shoot was entitled “Framed” and you had to show us some o your personality and creativity posing inside a frame. Your second shoot was an editorial shoot, looking frickin cool with a car, and we have turned them black and white for you, if they weren’t that way already. Can I just say I think this is the most impressed I have been in the first week over the past three cycles and the standard has been set very high, so you all need to put in your all every single week, as there is tough competition!

Lets get straight to it, shall we?!?!?! When I call your name, please step forward to be critiqued!

First up is…….

Lets have a look at your frame shot:
Judging Panel #1 Amaranth1

MrJanice: your eyes! one of the strongest expression in the bunch. you look evil which is awesome. i'm a fan of evilness. there's a subtle smile in your lips, which makes it even better. i think that if this were the killer shot, you would have nailed it haha
Andy: Are you trying to kill someone? This photo is so creepy almost like a bad Facebook photo. Definitely not one of the worst by any means, its just ... a picture and your just ... there.
Cozy: Ha-cha-cha! If looks could scorch. This is seductive and powerful, and i love your choice of warm lighting, it just ignites your hair and eyes! Very artistic. Your pose is slightly rigid as opposed to original, but I believe that lends more to your expression.
Bree: It's pretty and sex-kitten, but compared to some of them we've seen it's just not very interesting. I think your personal style definitely makes YOU unique, but you can't rely on being the only goth girl in the bunch to set you apart. You need to realize what you have to work with here - an absolutely gorgeous face, a good sense of angles, and the help of the creativity-queen Lucy! You have more potential than this.
SweetTyra: I do like the way the lighting hits your face, but I find this shot a bit bland. It reminds me of a dodgy high school drama production where everyone wears black, runs around the stage with picture frames, making funny faces and saying random words like “escape” and “look inside” and its somehow supposed represent a mother losing her child to cancer or some obscure crap like that. To me, theres really no emotion or purpose there. I think your preshow pic was way better

Judging Panel #1 Amaranth2

Bree: Scary eyes, Amaranth. Scary in a bad way. Think Sheena's Fiercee shot. However, it is a modelesque body pose and I like that you went for something warm and inviting - I kind of had you pegged for only doing dark and indie-ish shots. My biggest critique is that you can SO tell it was rushed. I know you were on a time delay, but unfortunately "I thought it was due another day" is a bad excuse. You're lucky you're gorgeous or it wouldn't have looked so nice
SweetTyra: I agree about the eyes. Although I don’t really find them that scary, they are just not present to me. In your shots, I found that you seemed to look bored. I wanna see the passion in your eyes. Like your frame picture, it was pretty but just a bit bland.
Cozy: This is so eery! I love the simplicity of your pose, and your hands on the jacket. You don't look cold at all. My one complaint is that your eyeballs are gone. If I could see your eyes this would be a wonderful photo, but it shows potential.

Next up, Chantal-Jade!

Judging Panel #1 Chantal-1

Andy: Its a beautiful photo. Very up in your face. Your a gorgeous girl and I look forward to seeing you go further in the competition
SweetTyra: Love the expression and the theme and what you did with the pearls, but hate the angle, it is a bit Myspace and being so close and at sucha  harsh angle, its hard to look at for too long.
MrJanice: it would have been a great picture, but the angle kills it. i like your expression and your whole outfit, but i'm really not a fan of the angle. next time just try to do something simpler with the camera.
Bree: You have a lot of potential there, missy. The eyes are getting there and are quite good for your first shot, but in the future I'd suggest studying magazines or the others' pictures a bit more. Also, some neck extension would have made it more magical. However, you're undeniably beautiful
Cozy: Ooh, you're a little reminiscent of Audrey with the eye makeup. I agree with Tyra though, this angle is not model-y at all. I have to turn my head to look at it, and then discover it would look much better more upright. I think you have a ton of potential to work with though

Judging Panel #1 Chantal2

MrJanice: mmm i'm not a big fan of the pose haha. i think you were trying to turn this into the pin up girl shoot. i like the setting and your outfit, but the pose does not work here at all
Bree: On the bright side, you've got a sick little body, and you also possess a good ability to transform. What you are right now is confused. The pose all around just doesn't work... I'm looking at your hands, the way they're stretched out. It doesn't read graceful. You were my pre-show favourite but your pictures disappoint me because you seem to try so hard and get lost along the way
SweetTyra: This is very London haha. I love the strength you have in your eyes. I think the pose MIGHT be a little too sex kitten for what we were looking for, but I kind of like it anyway. Actually, looking at it more, it almost looks like you are taking the piss out of the 50s pin up models, and thinking of it that way makes it look cooler, kind of a satirical humour to the shot and its quite quirky, which I always like. Its a shame your other shots were blurry, coz you had some good shots. Your main strength is definately your eyes, they were strong in every shot. Just dont get blurred shots next time haha
Andy: There is no hiding the fierceness that you manage to capture so wonderfully in this picture. You took a chance with those glasses, and it works

Chloe, youre next!

Judging Panel #1 Chloe1

Andy: Its week 1 and I already have a favorite! Gorgeous photo, gorgeous girl what more could I ask for. It is one of the more unique photos we have seen in Top Model history!
Bree: You have a very old-Hollywood face but there's something unique about you I cannot quite put my finger on. This picture is absolutely beautiful in your own way. I love the use of the mirror. It is simple without looking amateurish. I have no negatives!!
SweetTyra: This is stunning. The way youve used the mirror, you look very vulnerable and insecure, yet also quite proud at the same time, I dunno if that makes sense haha. You are definitely one of the most interesting looking people we have ever had in this competition.
MrJanice: love it! you look innocent and glamorous. it reminds me a lot of elyse's snake beauty shot. it's probably the surprise in your eyes. i like that you used a mirror. it's different and yet it follows the brief. great job.
Cozy: This is beautiful! I love your brave stare into the lens. Your style is unique and it works in this photo. I can see this working with so many different ad campaigns as a concept as well. Bravo!

Judging Panel #1 Chloe2

Cozy: This is an...interesting...interpretation of the brief. It looks like you got hit by the car. Not a bad shot by itself, your expression and pose are quiet beautiful, but it isn't what the client asked for.
Bree: So, uh... you got hit by the car? Where is it? I don't get it. Did you read the brief and think 'siesta?' You were one of my favourites for the frame shot, but this doesn't fit the brief from what I see. You're absolutely beautiful, but this is cycle 3... you guys should all be following the brief
Andy: Gorgeous you resemble Vanessa Hudgens. I love your look and I love your sense of style. You and Mikiel are both the two I would be worrying about if I were in the competition
MrJanice: it's a nice picture. a really nice picture, but it just doesn't fit the brief. you're supposed to be cool and whatever, and here you look relaxed and ethereal. if tyra had asked for something else, this would have been better. plus, we can't see the car. i think the car is a very important part of this photoshoot
SweetTyra: This does kind of stray away from the brief, but I cant help but like it anyway. This kind of image would probably fit more with a summer catalogue rather than an editorial spread. Great shot again, but not really what we were looking for.


Judging Panel #1 Jonny1

Bree: Johnny Depp is more like it! You really look like him here! I'm absolutely in love with this picture. The expression on your face is very modelesque and I commend you on the choice of what you did with your arms. It makes your body look long but not contorted. Brilliant neck extension. You've definitely surpassed my expectations
Cozy: You little sexpot! I'm so glad the boys in this competition aren't afraid of showing a little skin. This shot is deliberate, confrontational, and raw. I love it. The prospective and angles you used with your arms and hands make this POP. Well done.
MrJanice: this picture is absolutely fantastic. seriously. you look like a rockstar. i don't have anything negative to say about it.
SweetTyra: Ooh I do, I do! Dirty nails! Models have to be clean, but thats just me being pedantic about a shot I love haha!
Andy: Jonny- Jonny, Jonny, Jonny not feeling this. Its so dull and conventional. I mean it would be good if it werent with pictures like Chloes or Mikiels but like everything from the pose down to the face, its just like I have seen this before.

Judging Panel #1 Jonny2

Andy: Ultimately this photo fail to impress me. I like the pose, but I can't see this being a car ad. I could if it were like Emo Cars Weekly but I strongly doubt there is such magazine. I have a feeling you could do better your just not taking good pictures
SweetTyra: I really like this shot, the whole mood is exactly what I was looking for. Looking through your film, though, I did find that you seem to be really unsure of what to do with your arms sometimes, they were up everywhere and thats ok to do, as long as theres a purpose to accompany that, and I didnt feel the purpose. It worked with this shot in particular, but  all your other shots looked very awkward. Sometimes just letting your arms hang limp beside your body works a lot better, especially for editorial stuff like this.
Bree: Great fashion choice once again. This probably looks the most like the AusNTM pictures. The body language is great but the face is lacking for me. I think you were going for aloof and got just-out-of-bed. But all-in-all because you have such a strong face it still works okay.
MrJanice: now i like your expression and the pose, but i'm not digging the outfit. the pants make you look shorter and i don't know about you guys, but i don't like it when i look short. so, top half: 10. bottom half:7
Cozy: Love the badboy thing you're going for. The pose is relaxed, your face has a purpose, and the composition is simple. Would definitely see this in a magazine. Try not to get too cocky, though


Judging Panel #1 Karasu2

MrJanice: now i get your effort, but i don't really think the makeup was necessary. it's not a bad picture, but not as good as the other ones. it's the first week, so it's understandable
Bree: You are seriously getting creative in this picture. I kind of see what you're going for, but it's come of as a little amateurish. You could have looked like, "GRR! AHH!" but you look a bit like you're whimpering. That being said, you have all it takes aesthetically to model, and it shows here. Just work on your expression
Cozy: I have to say, I don't get it. This shot reminds me of Jono's melon pic (Cycle 1). The mess in the background is distracting, and your ?costume? is more nonsensical than artistic. HOWEVER, i love your eyes. Use those eyes.
Andy: I dont know what to say about this. It is a little too odd, not sure what your trying to sell me to be perfectly honest, are you trying to tango because I am totally up for a good tango- ARIBA!!!
SweetTyra: I think this is a classic case of someone trying too hard to do too many different things with makeup and props. I would love this shot so much more if there was no makup, it would make the flower stand out so much more, which wouldve been good coz it is such a great colour and shape and it would have worked really well. I feel what you were going for, but it was a bit overkill.

Judging Panel #1 Karasu13

Andy: Eh, its not terrible, but its not great by any means. Pose is great, but the stank face has got to go!
SweetTyra: This cycle, if I cant decide what pic to use i post the frames I like and the judges then tell me which ones to use and not use. Sometimes this is bad coz there are lots of crap ones or good coz there are lots of great ones. I posted THREE of your shots. And this is good news for you coz there were THREE that I thought were amazing, and I dont come across that too often in this comp. It was so difficult choosing just one for you, coz I liked quite a few so much. You picked a great wardrobe, great location and really did so many different things with the car, not just choose one position and take 5 pictures in the same position. So I congratulate you for impressing me so
Cozy: This is MUCH better than your frame shot. The pose is simple, yet creative and displays the clothing well. The background is beautiful and your expression is very emotive
MrJanice: the purpose of the shoot was to be cool. now, i told all of the judges that there's nothing cooler than being aloof. you look aloof here and it's awesome. you look snooty and like you're not even trying to be cool which makes it that much cooler. awesome!
Bree: YES! THIS is the perfection I knew you could give. Your outfit is the best yet of anyone's - simple but unique. Your expression is sexy and a bit snooty, like "Yeah, I bet you wanna get with me, 'cause this car is so damn fly." GREAT job.

Kendra, you are next.
Judging Panel #1 Kendra11

Andy: You are giving a girl is pulling on my weave face. To much hooch for my liking
MrJanice: mmm i'm not a fan of this picture. you're not really doing anything. and it doesn't help that it looks like it was taken with a webcam. is it? it's not really a bad thing, but the quality of the picture doesn't look as great as the other ones
Bree: I'm not sure if this is supposed to be comedic, or an attempt at fierce. I like how brave you are looking into the camera like that, unfortunately this is not nearly as couture as any of the others. Also, you need to make your pictures bigger! Something tells me they were taken with a webcam
SweetTyra: Yes, you should NOT be usng a webcam for this competition. When you signed up, you told us you had a digital camera, so if you have one, you need to use it and if you don’t, then you shouldn’t have lied. Forgetting the quality of the picture, even if this was done with a digital cam, it still really isnt a fashion picture. You werent creative at all and dint try anything interesting. Have a look at some magazines to get an idea of what fashion looks like.
Cozy: I hate to say in an online competition that your camera is bad, but that really hurts this photo. The expression itself, while i'm glad that you took a risk, is not modelesque at all and the whole picture lacks creativity. You just need to become more inspired!


Judging Panel #1 Killian12

Andy: Just no. Sorry but I think you focused to much to the point where its blurry! I mean if it were farther away then maybe I would have liked it more, but you focused far to much into your face and its ultimately a disappointment
SweetTyra: Location, location LOCATION! It doesnt look like a fashion shot, it just looks like some guy taking a picture of himself in his bathroom. I like your features, but I dont think you really did anything creative, its just a bit flat and uninspiring.
Bree: Sigh... I really want you to do well. We've said over and over that we think you'll do well because you know what the judges want. But I think that's your downfall. I think you're thinking too much about it. Where the others showed a modelesque creativity, you showed a sloppy creativity. I don't think you need to try so hard.
Cozy: Ahem. *whispers* myspace angle...ok done bitching about that. Rarely should you shoot from extremely above. And rarely should you shoot in the bathroom (i.e. only when specified). But I like your honesty with the camera. I don't think empty eyes will be a problem for you

Judging Panel #1 Killian2

MrJanice: now i get what you were trying to do, but it just doesn't work. it just looks as if you were standing there and someone just took a picture. it would have been tons better if it was in a different angle. like, if the camera was in front of you, instead of being next to you
Andy: What? I dont really get this like at all. I mean arent you supposed to be looking at the camera? Not getting this photo at all
SweetTyra: I can tell how hard you are trying, and I want you to take everything we say and really work on your shots. Unlike a lot of the judges, I actually dont mind that you arent looking at the camera, it was an interesting choice. However, the choice of outfit was really poor. The jacket was too big and your jeans were too baggy, it made you look larger than I think you are. In pretty much all of your shots, your body looked really disproportioned and strange. I think you have potential to do well though, so keep trying.
Bree: Are you waiting to go out? The reverse lights are on! I get what you were trying to go for here - mytserious and dark, am I right? What it kind of looks like to me is just bored. Too extreme-profile. There's not enough movement. I can see how you might have apprehension to damaging your family's car or something, but there is more you could have done without hopping on the car.
Cozy: This is a well-composed shot, your pose and the lines in the background are fierce. However, you are not present. Your profile is barely visible, and you seem rigid and as if you are trying to be unaware of the camera.

Judging Panel #1 Lauren1

MrJanice: it looks like, while you were waiting for your picture to get taken, the wind started blowing and moved your hair and made it crazy. i like it  . it looks like a fun picture, and i think that that suits you
Cozy: Oh I just love the movement here. You shine through your gorgeous hair. You've made this shot glamorous with your expression, but the teeshirt and the background, not so glam. Love the coy smile!
Bree: I have to say I don't entirely "get" this photo. You seem very creative, like you could have just done something INSANE, but it's just kind of a kid with a camera. However I do commend the allure in your expression and your big bouncy hair.
Andy: This photo is so unique. I love it! Even without seeing the other side of your face I can feel the intensity your eyes bring to the shot very well done!
SweetTyra: I love the cheeky expression, the eyes and the little smirk are great. I also like how creative you got with the head movement and the hair, I think that was really interesting, reminds me of Jenah's covergirl shot, just...better haha. Ive noticed that you like putting your hair over your face quite a lot though, so just make sure you give us some variety, maybe try tying your hair back or doing soemthing different with it from time to time. The only other thing I will suggest is to maybe think about your background a bit more. If you look at Jonny and Mikiel's their pictures are more dynamic because they dont have clutter or unneccesary objects in their backgrounds.

Judging Panel #1 Lauren2

Cozy: Someone's been looking at magazines! You are sellin' that coat, girl. Very professional pose. The expression is very similar to your frame shot, though. Be careful you don't become a one-trick pony! (that is totally not the expression)
Oh man Lauren. Your first photo was so good! This picture is just so meh. It could be better
Bree: Good choice of clothing, it's fashionable but expresses your personality. Your pose is neat, like, "I'm the bomb!" but I think you could have done a bit more. I notice you have kind of an ironic smirk in all of your pictures, which is cute, but know when to use it and when not to use it
MrJanice: this is a nice picture. so far, you're one of the only ones who's done something different with the car other than just standing next to it, or leaning on it. i like you're expression. the purpose of the shoot was to look cool. i think you're bragging about the fact that you are cool in that picture.
SweetTyra: You are a short girl, but you have made your legs and your body look really long Your face is strong and your body is strong, good choice of wardrobe. The thing that bugs me about this pic is the composition. Theres too much whitespace up the top and youve cut off your legs and the car. If the camera had been positioned a few cms (or inches  ) to the left and a few down, it wouldve been a lot better.


Judging Panel #1 Mikiel11

MrJanice: this picture's art. the way you used the frame, the lighting, your expression, everything about it screams art. the only negative thing is that i would have liked to see your eyes more. it would have kicked it up a notch. ugh i'm becoming emeril. anyway, awesome job!
Bree: Child!! When I saw your pre-show pics I didn't think you would be so incredible. This shot is an art shot. It is really a cool graphic and I can see it in magazines. The expression is perfect - neutral but not bored with just enough intensity. You have pretty exagerated features but you've figured out an angle to downplay them.
Cozy: Wow! This is very professional looking, a clean background and very dramatic lighting. I love love love your choice to pull yourself through the frame. My only criticism is that your eyes are looking away from the light and the camera, but don't really focus on anything else. Make sure they have a purpose
SweetTyra: Its great to see a really artistic shot, and someone using a plain background, it makes it look very professional. Nothing bad to really say about the shot, I really like it
Andy: Fantastic, I think I have found another favorite! Its so artistic and so bold, and once again its only week 1! Keep this up because you definitely have potential

Judging Panel #1 Mikiel2

MrJanice: i like it  the pose works, the outfit works, the facial expression works. this is totally different from your framed picture. in that one, you were artistic, in this one, you're high fashion. great job
Bree: You really like that looking-skyward angle, don't you? Well, as long as we don't see it EVERY time I'm cool with it. Your body pose is great because you look too-cool-for-school and your fashion choice is superb. My only wish is that you had placed your arm on top of the side-view mirror so that it didn't cut the elbow off. Also, the light is really focused on the handicapped parking sign.
Andy: Wow Mikiel you are on fire!!! Two great shots this week, I am glad I have picked you as a favorite, its about time we have a strong guy contender who may actually give the girls a run for their money
SweetTyra: You are the coolest frickin kid on the block! This is a great shot. I can see your signature seems to be the whole "stare into the light" thing. I want you to drop that right now. Also, just be aware of your neck. There were a few shots that made you look like that guy who said “What you talkin bout Willis!!!” Gary Numan I think his name is? LOL yeh, it looked funny. We might just have to use that for outtakes and INTM “Funny Moments” lol, it cracked me up.
Cozy: I gotta say, I like your frame shot better. This is very good, but I think for you it's amateur. The face looks like you're mocking male models, and your elbows have completely vanished. Not a bad shot though

Judging Panel #1 Robbie1

MrJanice: i like the effects, i like the facial expression, i like everything about this picture, except that it's a profile shot. it's good but i think it would have made much more of an impact if you were looking at the camera. that's the only negative thing i have to say
Bree: You surprised me because I didn't think you would do something this creative. You have a face made for modeling. There is a sensitivity here that is very unique and special. However, next week I would like to see you not do such an extreme profile so we can see a more intense face.
Cozy: This is certainly different. As an artistic shot, i absolutely adore it. The setting, composition, camera effects, are all very unique. Your expression is believable and I disagree about the profile, I think it highlights a good angle for you. Does it fulfill the brief though? We can see your whole body, and the head shot is cut-and-pasted. Whatever liberties you took were successful, but be careful about the Photoshop rules.
SweetTyra: I absolutely LOVE what you did with your shoot, having a different pic inside the frame, I thought that was really creative and different, so massive props for that. And I dont care that its profile at all, not every shot has to be face on, I dunno what drugs these other judges are on, the emotion is still quite clear, so just ignore them haha Razz
Andy: What is it with the artistic group this cycle Sweet- Tyra? You picked real winners, I have a feeling this cycle is going to be superb with the talent I have seen today! Great shot and I love what you did with it!

Judging Panel #1 Robbie2

MrJanice: it looks like you're just standing there waiting for the picture to get taken, but it somehow works. i also like the fact that the outfit looks like something you actually wear, whereas everybody else look like they dressed up for the photoshoot. great job
Bree: First off, tell your photographer GREAT job because the car looks amazing. You also look amazing, but without looking like you tried too hard. I still see a slight worry in your eyes though
Cozy: This is a very dynamic shot because it has such a huge environment. But besides standing there, you really aren't doing much. Your expression registers more fear than "cool," but I like your clean editing. For the future, try to create a great photo with your own body and rely less on great camera work to sell it for you.
SweetTyra: The face is good. Im not sure bout the hands on the pocket though. It woulda looked better if you had your thumbs sticking out, or just your hands by your side. What I like about this though is that you arent trying too hard haha. The brief was to just stand there and be cool, and youre doing just that.
Andy: What happened to the artistic talent I hailed you for in the first picture. If you aimed for the I'm standing next to a car look at me pose you did that and thensome. Ultimately boring and earns the ever- dreaded YAWN!

Judging Panel #1 Sara1

MrJanice: i like it. at first it may seem as if you're just standing there but your facial expression is strong. you look mysterious and you're kinda smiling with your eyes. also, i like the contrast between your extremely colorful tye dye shirt, and the background. it makes you pop!.
Andy: YAWN! Can I go back to Chloe's picture because this one wreaks of stank face.
SweetTyra: OUCH! I wouldn’t say stank face, I just think you have the same problem your sister did, where you are trying TOO hard to push an emotion through and it looks a bit forced, so next time you are doing a shoot, just pull back a little. Less is usually more. What really captures me in this photo is the contrast between your colourful shirt and the swampy marsh in the background, it was a really clever choice of location and wardrobe and made the shot a very interesting one to look at. You could almost write an essay on it lol.
Bree: It's funny, I find you actually look a lot YOUNGER than Mel. What you DO have is the ability to keep your mouth closed. This is not a horrible picture, but it's not an amazing picture. What it does show is amazing bone structure and absolutely beautiful features. I think you'll go far.
Cozy: Good, not great. I like your background, but the outside light is causing you to squint. We don't want to hide those pretty eyes, especially when it makes you frown. You have a strong foundation on light and angles, now you just need to get creative with it. Putting your hands on the bottom of the frame limits you

Judging Panel #1 Sara2

Cozy: This is much better than your frame shot. I am a little confused about the pose, it leans too much, and I can see that your arms and legs are bent but you are facing directly at the camera so it makes you look short. The face is a little lost in the eyes, like you are daydreaming. Love the outfit and the background though
SweetTyra: Im torn with this, I love it then I don’t then I do. Theres something a bit off about it, I think it may be the head and eyes. You kind of dont look present in the eyes. But from your shoot, I can tell you have good instincts with what you are doing and I love everything else about this picture except for the eyes. This almost loks like a real fashon shot, and I really like the movement.
Andy: Your picture is great, but your face could have been better. Miles better than your first photoshoot.
MrJanice: your pose makes you look uncomfortable. i like the picture, but i'd like it more if it were two different pictures. your legs are doing something and then your upper body's doing something else. separately, they'd work, but as a whole it just looks a little stiff. it would have been better if maybe you did something different with your legs.
Bree: The angle at which you took this doesn't work because we can't tell what position your body is in. It makes you look very disproportionate. The face is cool though, trying to be unaware of the camera. Overall, it's the slumpy pose that kinda ruins it. You're a girl who needs to study

Judging Panel #1 Shaq1

MrJanice: again, this looks like a webcam pic. the thing is, that if the quality was better, this would have been a nice picture. you're actually doing something. however, and i hate myself for quoting anyone from antm, this is modeling 101. try to do better next time
Andy: Like Kendra to much hooch. Bring it down a notch
Bree: Where are you? This is such a tiny picture, and there's a lot going on to take away from you - the extra hand, your somewhat distorted body, and the way your hands are placed on the frame don't look graceful. You're a good-looking guy and you seem to want this really bad. I just think you may try a bit too hard
Cozy: Well, it's not a very good start, but it gives room for improvement! The angle is too high, you aren't doing anything special with the frame, and the look on your face says "profile pic," not "fierce model workin' it."
SweetTyra: You need to make your pictures bigger when you upload them, this was way too small to judge properly becvause I have to squint to see it. From what i can see, it is the same location as your pre show pic and it pretty much looks the same, just with a real frame. Get more creative and inventive and try out different locations

Judging Panel #1 Shaq2

MrJanice: umm where are you? the only thing i can see it's the car in the background. at first i thought that if i put on my glasses i would see better but the picture is just too damn dark. :/
Andy: This photo is garbage, there is nothing else to say about it other than, do you really want this, because thus far you have show 0 effort
Bree: Uh... is this security footage? I'm sorry dude, you're not taking this seriously and it's not worth a comment.
Cozy: Umm...I don't want to be mean, but this does not work at all. We need to be able to see you in the shot. I'm sorry if you couldn't get a good shot with the camera you have, but this is a competition
SweetTyra: Dude, how do even expect us to judge this, seriously? We cant see a damn thing. You only sent in this one shot, its dark, its sent in on the last day- that just shows complete laziness and disorganisation to me.




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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:00 pm

Welcome Back models!

This week was probably the toughest first week we have ever had in the competition. There are some of you who had great pictures, but you still received a lower than expected callout due to the quality of the pictures. Do not let this discourage you- in fact, let it be the ctalyst for a creative explosion inside yourselves for next week.

I have 13 people standing before me, but I do not have all of your photographs in my hands. If I do not call your name, you must go back to the house, pack up your belongings and leave immediately.

The first name Im going to call is.....

MIKIEL!!!! Congratulation! Top of the pack for the very first week! Keep it up!











So here we have three people who entered this competition as friends. You three were the three that disappointed the judges the most this week. And only ONE of you will get a second chance.
Jasanee, you didnt submit any pictures, so you are eliminated by default

That leaves Shaq and Kendra.

Kendra, you didnt submit a Fiesta shot and your frame shot was underwhelming. But the judges did like your preshow pic and thought it showed lots of promise.
Shaq, you submitted both your shots, but one of them wasnt even worth submitting, as it was simply too dark. If you didnt know that picture was unsuitable but submitted it anyway, maybe you dont have the raw talent and knowledge we were looking for this week.

The person still in the running towards becoming IMDBs Next Top Model is....


Congratulations. Dont give us something as bad as your Fiesta shot again.

Next Brief posted soon.

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