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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:09 pm

Hello Models! What a week it has been!

As we are all aware, unfortunately, Robbie had to drop out of the competition due to a loss in his family, and we wish him and his family well and all the good luck in the future..
In similar news, we have another drop out!!! Gar!
That’s right, someone who showed so much promise in the first week will no longer be with us! We must now say goodbye to Chloe! So, our 10 Model Commandments for this week has become 8!! Which means we are down to the Final 8 ALREADY!! Crazy!! Instead of being upset or angry with those who have left us, I think its best we are appreciative of what they gave us. Yes, it is annoying when people quit, but everyone has their reasons and they should be respected. So, with that, I say a very sad farewell to Robbie and Chloe, two of my Top 4 in Week 1! NOW even though we had dropout, there WILL still be a elimination process!!!

Moving right along to the Ten (or now EIGHT) Commandments photoshoot! And may I just say I was impressed! I thought that most of you faltered last week, but many of you have regained some momentum and I was really excited to see everyone’s photos turn out well this week!

Lets get to judging!

First up is Karasu. Your commandment was…Thou shalt kill for fashion.
Judging Panel #3 Karasu4

MrJanice: First, the negative. I don't really like the stuffed snakes. Were they completely necessary? If you were going for a snake murder..oh wait I get it now! haha you killed the snakes to use them for shoes or something? haha NVM the first part of my comments, it\'s an awesome picture! The outfit is great, your pose is awesome, and your expression just screams "killer"
Cozy: Ooh I love it. It's so Broadway dramatic and your choice of costume is A+, as if you actually took fashion into account instead of choosing something that SEEMED fashionable. I feel like this would be 10x better in a different colored environment as your wonderful outfit is blending into the door. Love the eyes, the face, the hand, and the pose though.
Bree: I haven't been as sold on you as Lesus until now, but this photo tells me that you have potential to win the competition. The overall mood reminds me of something that Jeraldo would have done. Your face is very reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, and your upper body is perfect, unsettling, and manly. I think the foot raised at the heel is a bit contrived, a bit too dramatic. But this is still your best picture to date. Gold stars!!
SweetTyra: I definately got the Clockwork Orange vibe aswell! BUT no no no I disagree with Bree about the leg, I LOVE the drama, youve made it interesting and kooky and I love it, you are modelling from tip to toe. I love the expression, you look crazy and you look like you really would kill for fashion. I do kinda agree with Cozy bout the lighting, having it against a black wall would have been SO much more effective. And I have to commend you on the oufit, its quite possibly one of the best choices weve ever had in the competition, it fits in VERY nicely with the whole murder mystery vibe im getting and it is very fashonable. Great shot!!!!!
Andy: I love this picture- I get the emotion and I get the point that you were trying to sell. Its great, I feel like you have really stepped your game up since the first photoshoot. I totally get the whole "I would kill for fashion" aspect. I especially love the angle at which the picture is taken, its great!

Jonny, your commandment was…Thou shalt be a slave for fashion.
Judging Panel #3 Jonny4

Cozy: As a pose and headshot, this is very very good. You have a sort of quiet-sexy-thoughtful vibe in your pictures which usually works, but is something I wish you would've thrown aside to get a little more animated in this shot. You don't look like a slave, you look like you got tangled and happened upon a rather interesting shoe
SweetTyra: I love the profile shot, your face in this almost great, a bit droopy in the eyes. But, I dont really feel that you are being bound by fashion, that is really does have you in shackles. At first, I thought it might be because you used duct tape for chains (bad choice btw) but even your body language didnt suggest any specific emotion or purpose. I did like the ones where you were lying down, but the “chains” werent apparent at all, and I think that was the most important part of the shoot. Also, it is very cluttered. Its week three now, and you should know by now to really assess your location. I know the closet with the clothes is probably what you wanted, but you couldve found a way to make it part of the set, not just part of the background. This was almost there.
Bree: I won't criticize the duct tape as chains, because you have to work with what you have. What I will criticize is that your body language does not read as that of a person who is chained. So THAT makes the tape look stupid because you're just sitting there with tape all over. If you had given more dramatic body language, the tape would work. I like the expression, but like your body, it could stand to be pushed further. I think you were going for "sexy while in despair" but you kind of come off like "pouty little kid." I think you've lost some of your first-week magic
MrJanice: I agree with all of the judges. The duct tape is not a problem, It's your body language. Your expression doesn't help either. You look bored, instead of having an expression a slave would have. Sad, maybe? Angry? Certainly something other than bored
Andy: You still aren't convincing me. It just looks like your staring at the high heel and had a masking tape orgasm to be honest. I don't get the point that you are a "slave" for fashion. I still think you can do better, I hope you make it through to next week because I feel like you have so much more potential then what you are showing.

Mikiel, your commandment was…Thou shalt always wear thy high heels (or best shoes!!!)
Judging Panel #3 Mikiel42

Cozy: I love your fashionista-diva-Hugh-Heffner pose here, as if you're saying "yeah i'm in the shower with these shoes, what of it?" which is exactly what you were supposed to do. Love the boots, wish we could see your fantastic eyes though, you didn't really need the glasses. Or the shirt for that matter. Taking those off would have put more emphasis on those fabulous boots
Andy: I guess all good things have to come to an end somehow. I guess your reign at the top is over. This picture is just okay in my book, definitely not first call out worthy, its a minor misstep, I know you will be fine though, I hope next weeks picture is better
SweetTyra: Andy, no!! I am LOVIN the attitude you have going with this. I do think the large pink dressing gown does kinda distract us from the shoes, which is what you were essentially meant to be selling in this shot.If this were an ad for a bright pink mens dressing gown, man, I would be the first one through the door to buy it coz the attitude you are bringing is rockin it. Great shot again, you are such a natural at this.
MrJanice: I have to say, I agree with Andrew. It's not really a bad picture, not at all, but it just doesn't fit the brief, in my opinion. I know now that Leigh told you high heels weren't necessary but follow my train of thought. The high heels thing was that you were supposed to be wearing high heels in a situation where that would be weird. Now, you're a guy. A guy wearing high heels is weird. If you were standing right there, wearing heels and looking fierce, I would have liked that. I know that my negative point is not really your fault, but it's something I would have liked to see
Bree: When Lesus told us that he let you know you didn't HAVE to wear high heels, I suddenly liked this picture a lot more. You look snooty, attractive, HILARIOUS, and even though they're not high heels, you still made it all about the shoes. Not going to lie, I would have LIKED to see you wearing high heels, but that might just be preference/fantasy. Heh heh

Killian, your commandment was…Thou shalt work the camera at all times.
Judging Panel #3 Killian4

MrJanice: This isn't a bad picture by itself, but in the competition, I don't really get it. The brief called for you to be looking fierce in an embarrassing situation, no? I don't see that in your picture. I would have done something like cycle 10. They were working the paparazzi camera. Or maybe cycle 5 when they girls arrived to London
Bree: In the bathroom again, eh? Hmm, you tried really hard in this shot, and the face is more controlled than last week, and the more I look at it the more I realize there is some intensity in those eyes. YOU look great. But it's not modelesque
SweetTyra: Again, the effort is all there but Im a little confused. It just doesnt really make sense. I think maybe if this was a full length shot, it would have been better. And the commandment was to work it at all times, and i feel you are doing the opposite, like you are abusing the photographer for interrupting your shower time when in fact, you should have been working it despite being filthy haha. You really need to get more creative and think very carefully about what the intention of the shoot is. I feel at this point, almost everyone else are making their shots fashion and you are still just a kid with a camera. But you do keep getting better and better so keep that up!!!
Andy: You appear to be screaming, but even with that going on I still find this picture so... boring. Its nothing original or new, I mean it's good and all, just very very blase and boring in my opinion
Cozy: I don't really see the brief in this photo, it being just a headshot. I see that you took this in the bathroom and that there is dirt on your face, but other than that I can't see what you are trying to emulate. However, I do love the intensity of your eyes and your "pretty ugliness." This looks to be a much more emotive pose if it wasn't so tightly framed.

Lauren, your commandment was…Thou shalt date a rockstar.
Judging Panel #3 Lauren4

Andy: This week your photo is a tad lackluster. I like the angle you attempted to take it at but it just dosent work as well as I wish it would have.
Bree: Your shoulders are a little tense and take over the photograph, so I would have put your elbows one step lower (that way your shoulders wouldn't be all up in our grillz). That being said, they're the one negative in a magical photograph. I told you first week to watch the smirk, and you used it this week in a COMPLETELY appropriate scenario. The outfit is great, the face looks a bit heroin chic. It looks like a still of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty at a party, minus the coke. Gold stars for you, miss thing!
MrJanice: This picture is amazing! Your outfit works, Karasu's works. It's really great. The only negative comment is that your shoulders and arms look weird. Maybe it would have been better if you were leaning on the step below the one you're leaning. Being so high up pushes your shoulders forward and it makes them look a bit weird. Other than that, great job
SweetTyra: At first, I hated the shoulders and was hoping the judges would vote for the other pic I chose, but now, I kinda like it, it fits in quite nicely with the rocker theme, its a bit strange and jolted, but it works. Face is superb, you look like you are pretty damn pleased that you are dating this rocker haha. I definately underestimated you, I did not see you as a top contender at first, but you just keep on impressing me, so well done. And I must commend you again on how much variety you gave us. A lot of people did the same thing for 10 frames, but you had quite a few different scenarios, which was great. I HOPE YALL ARE LISTENING TO THIS!!!
Cozy: Wow! This is an incredibly photographic shot, the extreme high angle and effect of the railing, as well as the angle of your body make this really pop. I love the dress and the slight rocker-chic quality of the mood. I barely notice your ultra-cool co-model, which is a good thing. My one complaint is your face is extremely tight around the mouth, as if you are pushing your lips out. It makes your cheekbones look amazing, but watch out for this in the future.

Sara, your commandment was…Thou shalt always get thy beauty sleep.
Judging Panel #3 Sara4

MrJanice: Now this is a pretty picture, but it is a bit boring. It would have been totally awesome if you were, like, wearing a dress and heels and were all made up and in bed. Your eyes ARE intense though, and that helps the picture
Cozy: The way this is framed I found myself focusing more on the wall than on you. While the background is not THAT distracting, the way you are positioned and your pose don't do anything to bring you out from the background. I like the sleepy-time lighting, and your face is beautifully emotive
SweetTyra: She did have a few frames with a gorgeous white dress, but unofrtunately they didn’t turn out that well. Now, if this were a poster for world peace, I think i would give you top callout, its so fragile and beautiful. But, it isnt really what I was looking for. In your other frames, you were kind of doing things I wanted to see, prop wise, like being distracted in bed, but the face wasnt all there and I think this is your best face so far, but as a whole, it doesnt fit in with the look or the mood I was hoping for. Your outfit was probably the worst of anyones, I said I wanted you to look expensive and you are wearing your trackies!?!?!?! (sweats). Still a good picture though, you are definitely getting better!
Bree: Negative first: it's not modelesque. You've got some intensity in the eyes, but aside from that it doesn't even look like you're posing. Positive side: I didn't know it was you at first, in a good way. You have a very young look, very Miss-Teen-Top-Model kind of face, so I'm glad you broke away from that for once.
Andy: Yawn. This photo is nothing special. I am waiting for you to WOW me and I just feel that you have yet to do so.

Chantal, your commandment was…Thou shalt not steal from a runway show.
Judging Panel #3 Chantal4

Bree: So, did you know that you were my pre-show pick to win? And that the past two weeks, I've been concerned because you haven't lived up to my expectations. Well this week you didn't live up - you SURPASSED them! You've really come into your own with body language AND face, your set-up and costume is magnificent, and I'm finally seeing some neck on you. I'd say in this set, you are the most modelesque.
SweetTyra: LOVE IT! I love the leg, I love the finger and the lips. It looks fluid and it has movement, which is great. The only criticism I have is the positioning of the sunglasses on your eyes. Looking at the shot close up, one eye is hidden behind the glasses and one is poking out just a little, makes you look a little, I dunno crosseyed maybe, or I dunno, maybe less masked or mysterious as your character of the thief. But that is a very LITTLE complaint about a great, fun picture.
Cozy: This is an excellent photo! I love the outfit and props you chose, the background, your hair, and the totally runway edge that brings a real fashion edge. Your expression is perfect, I'm not totally sold on the pose. I can see what you're trying to do but it feels slightly awkward, like you're trying to look like you're in movement but it's not a natural body position. Overall, this is fantastic.
MrJanice: This is your best picture so far! It's fantastic! The outfit, the pose with the leg up, the "shh" haha. I love it. I don't have anything negative to say about it.
Andy: Best of the week hands down. You understood the brief and stole my heart. This is by far on my Top 10 list of INTM favorites.

Amaranth, your commandment was…Thous shalt honour thy lipstick.
Judging Panel #3 Amaranth4

Cozy: This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL picture, not only because you are beautiful, but because you are utilizing light, angles, expression, and the mirror all in a way which accentuates your strengths and the things you are wearing. I love the kiss marks on what I am PRETTY POSITIVE is MY mirror. Lol. That's alright.
Andy: You look a little stiff and almost like a mannequin but I love this shot of you. I think you have been consistent throughout the competition
MrJanice: I agree with the other judges. This is your best picture, but it is not the best picture. I like what you did with the mirrors haha. In fact, when I found out that someone had to "worship lipstick" I kinda wanted them to do what you did. I like your expression and your outfit's really great. The only thing is that your right arm looks a bit stiff. Well it's mostly the hand. If it would have been softer, it would have been awesome. Great job
Bree: I KNEW it. I knew this would be your best shoot. It works with the brief, your face is classically beautiful, and your body is alluring and a tad sexy. Is it THE best shot? Not quite. But it's YOUR best shot. I think you're actually one of the most naturally beautiful contestants in the competition, and you haven't been pushing as hard, not because you're lazy but because you're a bit confused. THIS is pure confidence, and knowledge of your body. Y'all are killing me this week, killing me!!
SweetTyra: Hehe, sombody get Bree some water or sumthan!!! Amaranth, this is GORGEOUS! I love the little smile and glance sidewards, like you have just been caught making out with your lipstick LOL! I thought it was a great choice of outfit, the hand is very delicate, I love the positioning of the arm, and your posture is great.I don’t see stiff at all,. I see poise. This picture just keeps drawing me in more and more everytime I look at it. Now that you’ve nailed a shot, I would like to see you do something a little more harsh and maybe something not so soft. Ugly it up a little and show us you arent afraid to look silly. I would really hate for you to be the girl who is resting on pretty, because I believe you can be better than that. I want to see versatility.


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Judging Panel #3 Empty Re: Judging Panel #3

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:10 pm

Welcome back guys!

I wont delay this any longer :-)

There are eight of you left. This week, TWO people dropped out of the copmpetition, so will 8 of you stay?! We are about to find out!

If I do no call your name, you must go back to the house, pack up your belongings and leave immediately.

The first name Im going to call is......

CHANTAL!!! Congratulatios on your very first top callout!!! All the judges agreed this was an amazing picture and you just keep getting better and better!!

AMARANTH!!! Its about time we saw you up here!! Like I said, we want to see soemthing from you we wouldnt expect, so give us that next week and you may be number one!

KARASU!!! Every week I am baffled that you dont get called higher. You have impressed me every week, so now it is time to pull something out that will impress everyone!

LAUREN! You just keep getting stronger and stronger. Make sure you keep pushing yourself, otherwise people will surpass you.

MIKIEL!!! Dont lose your fire, boy!!!

JONNY! You were Top 2 in week one and havnt reached that high since. You have all the goods, but you are always missing just one little thing in every picture. Give us soemthign that will blow us away!

Will Sara and Killian please step forward.

All the judges agree that both of you improve more and more each week. However, every OTHER contestant is doing the same thing, so you need to be taking 5 steps up every week and not just one. We want to be surprised, we want to be impressed and we want you to prove that you belong here and deserve to be here.
The judges did agree that one of you was weaker than the other.....


BOTH of you are....



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