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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:16 pm

Hello Final 7! Welcome to your 6th Judging Panel!

This week, you were given just three days to complete your shoot, a futuristic robot shot which focused on angles and strong faces. Some of you rose to the challenge, while others caved under the pressure. This week, we have a guest judge with us…Please welcome…

MILLA J JOE! 3rd runner up of Cycle 1, someone who was very enthusiastic about judging you today, and boy did it show in his critiques!! He may as well have written a frickin book!

that's all.”

Lets start with Amaranth
Judging Panel #5 Amaranth61

Andy: I love the pose EXCEPT for your arched leg- you should have crossed them so as not to give the appearance that your foot is slightly cut off. You are giving a fierce face, and I FEEL the robot in you! Best of the week hands down.
Cozy: Shiny! I agree that you've definitely got something new behind your eyes this week, but too much pout in the lips. you've managed to keep it very fashionable - I love the outfit, environment, and makeup, but it doesn't really register as obviously robotic. A little more stiffness in the limbs and back would have done it
Milla-Joe: BAM! Perfect headshot! Intense eyes, fantastic makeup and costume designing, the shot works really well. Your pose is great and I can see the inspiration you drew from the BrNTM shoot, but the shot really doesn't scream "robot" to me...it's definitely a great pose, but nothing too overtly 'robot' about it. It's sexy and intense and the costume is perfect, but I just don't see a "robot". That's not to say it's not a great shot because it is. It works as a long shot and as a headshot. I think you're the one in this competition who people underestimate...all of your shots have been pretty much consistently good. I think you're really trying and it really shows.
Firebolt: Love this shot. The face, outfit, and pose all work really well! I have to admit, I haven't been as impressed with you as some of the other judges, but this is my favorite photo from you so far. Futuristic indeed
MrJanice: This is so "80's idea of futuristic". I love it! The outfit's great, the makeup's awesome, hair's wicked. The only negative thing is that the whole pose works, but it's not as robotic. Great job though
Bree: I actually DO get robot from this. You didn't take it too literally, but sometimes taking something too literally doesn't come off fashion-y anyway. All I could ask for is a bit more neck extension. The body's kickin', and for the first time in the competition, I see it (nothing specific, just "it") in your face!!
SweetTyra: I think this is your best shot so far. It is so powerful and sexy and alluring. I would liked it to have been more robotic though, the poses werent that interesting. Did you choose your own photos this week? This was soemthing I was going to ask you, becausde Lucy is usually the one to send in the pictures for you and it makes me wonder whether you are sitting there next to her or not and whether she just takes control. Either way, the choice this week was great.

Judging Panel #5 Karasu62

SweetTyra: I loved what you did with your arms and legs, very jolted and angular which was great. Im unsure about the face though, you dont seem very present, and it was this way for almost all of your shots. Kind of blank, which is a massive step back from last week, where you had so much power in your eyes. The puffy jacket was a bad choice also, it made your torso look very large in a number of your shots.
Andy: Its edgy and unique. I like the pose, but the background appears to give you an awkward hat. Good effort this week, you have really stepped up your game and shown improvement through the weeks
Cozy: I love the pose! and environment, except for that mess behind your head. It's distracting and reminds me of your frame shot. I love your use of face paint, but your look needs more consistency. I think it would have been better to go with a tighter, plainer top rather than choose that jacket for its shinyness. I like your face, but be more careful when editing out red-eye because you've given yourself gray, smudgie pupils
Milla-Joe: Um, I'm pretty sure this shot is amazing. Like, fantastically amazing. You perfeclty nailed what I was expecting from the shoot...your pose is fashionable yet reminds me of something a robot would actually do. Your outfit isn't too over-the-top and is perfectly futuristic while not overbearing and it doesn't totally encompass what you're trying to do. You shine through the outfit and the perfect setting and the face works as a headshot and a full-body shot. Your face looks dull and vacant like a robot's, but I can tell that you're really modeling. It has that deadness that a robot's face would have, but it's a totally high-fashion interpretation of what a robot should look like if it were modeling. Great work
Firebolt: Another great photo from you. Again, confession time, at the beginning, I thought you'd be an early-mid boot, but you are climbing up the ranks fast! That face is killer, I love the jacket (looks very future-y), and the pose and angle are awesome too
Bree: This picture is creative, but it almost looks cartoony, like you're parodying the concept instead of portraying it. You've given us so many amazing pictures, but this one doesn't seem like ream modeling, it just seems like play-modeling. There's no passion behind the eyes, you actually look a bit confused/constipated.
Mrjanice: Now you keep getting better and better each week. I like that the eyes are vacant, because it somehow works with the theme. Your pose is robotic, without being stiff. The whole look is great, and your choice of background is good. Great job

Judging Panel #5 Jonny63

Andy: Oh Jonny, Jonny, Jonny I have a long history of feeling underwhelmed with your photos and this week proves no exception. Its a YAWN- fest, your face looks dull and overall I feel like you just wanted to show off your underwear. I am not impressed with the effort that was seemingly thrown into this picture at all. While some of the other models have been progressing you have been back peddling since Week 1!
MrJanice: You started off so great, and then started getting worse and worse. Last week, you improved and we again saw an amazing picture of you. This week...It's just...I don't get it. It just looks like you were in your underwear, and someone told you to do a pose and the first thing that came to mind was the robot. Except for the cables and silver tape, there's nothing futuristic about your outfit (you don't have an outfit...) Your arms are stiff and your whole pose looks awkward
SweetTyra: Wheres the outfit? Is this an ad for underwear? Because I did say to have an interesting outfit, and undies just dont work for the futuristic theme I wanted. And even if it were for undies, your hand is covering the main selling point, the top of the undies and the stomach. When you desribed your picture, you said you were gonna have chord soming out of you like intestines, and I thought that would look very interesting, but they look more like those things doctors put on your chest in hospital, dunno what theyre called haha, and yeah Im just left a little underwhelmed and confused. A lor more boring than I anticipated. You also look slightly crosseyed, which I think almost works with the full body robot theme, but not quite for the close up.
Milla-Joe: I really like the direction you went with in terms of your "vision". I like the whole medical things attached to your chest (VERY Milla Jovovich a'la the closing scenes of "Resident Evil") and the composition of the shot works as well. However, your face is just dull. It's kind of staring off into space and not really pushing through enough. Your pose also could have been a lot more angular, and I think the bent hip detracts from it a lot. If you're not going to do an angular robot pose, I think with the theme you were trying to go for a very rigid, standing upright with a scared/intense look on your face would have fit your theme much better. As a headshot by itself, it works. But fitting in with the rest of the theme of the shot, it doesn't. A really nice try, but I'm just not feeling anything too fantastic about this picture. Not your worst, but not your best either. Like I said, your vision, your composition, and the props you used enhanced the shot perfectly, but I just wish your pose was stronger and the face matched what you were trying to do. It's a shot that works in pieces, but altogether it doesn't
Firebolt: I don't feel like you give us anything new every week. I feel like you never change your hair or anything for photos and we've seen this face before. Having the wires taped to you was a nice touch, but like some of the other judges have pointed out, the "robot" dance position of your arms isnt really creative. Over all, this photo just isn't interesting.
Bree: I might get hated by the judges, but I love this photo. It's the most creative, and creates a kind of post-apocolyptic concept. Very fashion for hardly wearing anything. The face is quirky and fashion-y. But I HAVE to get on you for the near-nude photo you submitted. It was borderline pornographic, and I was slightly offended and a bit freaked out by it. Don't do it again.
Cozy: I don't see model or robot in this pic, i'm not sure what i see. Over the weeks you have been restricting yourself to a certain bare, pale, au-natural look which is dragging you down. I wish you had worn some sort of outfit with some outlandish makeup, or had a more interesting background. You've got potential! Don't lose the magic.

Judging Panel #5 Killian63

SweetTyra: Face is great, yove made me feel that theres a story there, so good. No complaints there. But STILL, you juust dont have any clue what to do with your body! Once again, you chose an outfit which made you look larger than you are, if you survive, I dont wanna see another goddamn puffy jacket or track pants on you!
Cozy: Yay eyeballs! But yeah, the sweater was a bad choice. And wrapping one piece of tinfoil around your wrist doesn't make you a robot, so you should have sold it with the pose. Here's a tip: When posing on a chair, you have to sit in a way that you wouldn't normally sit. Resting your bum on the seat with one or more legs in the air, hanging off the side, balancing, whatever - just not normal sitting, otherwise it looks twice as boring and restrictive than it would if there was no chair at all. The cocked elbow is good, but we can't see it because of the angle. I like the hair and makeup, and the expression is good because you're finally using the potential of your face!
Andy: Show some neck and I would say that it would be just good. Its not all there for me. I dont get that impression that your a robot. However, this is not one of the worst of the weeks, and is actually one of your best pictures to date.
Bree: You're really starting to grasp your face as a tool and use it to its fullest potential. What you still need to learn is styling and body positioning. *pulls a Tyra* I Had that same problem too when I competed, I couldn't marry my face and body. I love the setup and the face, I just wish you woul dhave relaxed your body and turned it more towards the camera, because you'd look thinner.
Milla-Joe: I really like this shot, Killian. Your face looks very high-fashion in this shot...you really hit the right angle and your face looks VERY modelesque here in an intriguingly androgynous way. However, I wish that face would have been paired with an interesting and rigid pose like you were supposed to do. If you had kept the face in the same position, yet turned your arm to the side instead of towards the camera, the shot would have worked 100%, instead, you don't get the idea of your arm being bent because it's facing TOWARDS the camera, so it looks like a little stump protruding from your back. The outfit also isn't innovative at all, but I love the setting. You look like a sad little robot slaving away in a factory for the rest of eternity, your only purpose in life, and I think you nailed the atmosphere and the headshot aspect of the shoot perfectly, but the pose throws it off.
MrJanice: You, too, keep on improving. You're finally learning how to work your expressions. The makeup's cool. I'm not a fan of the "over the shoulder" pose. Makes me think of Paris Hilton. I would have posed with my body facing the camera, that way, I could have done something robotic and whatnot. Next time try to do a lot of different poses. Listen to Tyra. Do the safe ones, and do the over the top ones.
Firebolt: The setting is interesting, but i'm not really getting the futuristic vibe from you and the face isn't really interesting.You're slowly improving, but too little and too late, I'm affraid. No offense, but I feel like the only reason you've made it this far is because others have dropped out or have been late. Frankly, this just isn't enough to redeem you in my opinion

Judging Panel #5 Lauren6

Milla-Joe: Maddddd props on the futuristic outfit, it definitely works. I also like the backdrop you used, but that's about it for what's working in this shot. Your pose is a great attempt, but if should have been held with more rigidity and intensity. Instead it just looks like your arms are just floating there and it's not rigid like an actual robot. The pose is there in terms of placement, but you should hold it with more intensity. You look like Xenon (does anyone get that reference or am I a loser haha) just chillin' in space, not like a fashion robot posing angularly. Your face also isn't as intense as I'd like it to be, but it works much better as a headshot over some of the other pictures. I just think that you need to start switching up your face a little bit more...it's not a really deep face, it doesn't go with the rest of the shoot, you know? You've got this great positioning going on, but the face just looks like "meh, I'm here". It's pretty, but not pushing through enough. Maddd props to the makeup and outfit, though, it's the best of anyone's!
SweetTyra: I love how your legs look radioactive haha! Body and pose is great, face is a bit meh. It was good to see you serious for a change, but there is no power behind the eyes whatsoever, they are a bit...vacant, still not fierce.
Andy: You look a tad ill in this photo. Instead of looking like a robot you look like a sick alien. Your arms look like their just there, and your face is just so lifeless, overall there is nothing to this photo at all. Its sad because at one point you were one of my top picks to win. I know you can do better, pull that inner model from beneath that I saw in the beginning weeks!
Bree: Why are you so sad in the past few pictures Lauren? *smiles big* WHY SO SERIOUS?! Ya wanna know how I got these scars? Erm, nothing about this reads robot to me, unfortunately. I really like your choice of clothing and styling, made up for last week, but the body pose doesn't compliment the costume - the clothes are wearing you. You've positioned your legs so they look large and disproportionate, and your upper body reads "just chillin'."
Firebolt: I have to admit, I'm pretty disappointed with this shot, face-wise. As always with your photos, the composition is very intriguing, and I also love the outfit (you look like you have green skin), but the face is nothing to write home about at all. We want to see week 2 Lauren again! Try concentrating on making sure your face is interesting in future shoots (no pun intended). You've already shown us you can do interesting poses (but still continue to do them).
MrJanice: like your pose, because it looks like a broken down robot ( I didn't say doll  ). Your outfit does look futuristic, but not really robotic. It kinda looks like something someone would wear at a glow in the dark rave. I like that you have a different expression from your other pictures, but you're still doing the 1/4th of a profile. Try to work on that for next week.
Cozy: I agree this is more futuristic than robotic, also a little alien-esque. The pose is amazing fashion-wise because it is compact yet accentuates every single thing you're wearing. This photo would be perfect with a little more neck, a straight-on expression, and less sadness and more fierceness behind the eyes.

Judging Panel #5 Mikie63

MrJanice: This is weird. I like this picture, then I don't. I don't know what it is yet. Ok I think I got it. It's the expression. You look pissed off, and it kinda throws me off. Everything else though, the pose, the outfit, the set, is great. I think you really outdid yourself with your background. This is thinking outside the box. Mostly everyone else found a location that was already like that, and you made your own one.
Andy: There's a model! Thank you, Mikiel for providing me with a great modelesque shot. You put so much effort into this, and it is appreciated whereas some of your fellow competitors have been falling, you have been rising, and it is apparent in this shot
Bree: Hah, the DDR pad cracks me up. It's significantly more robot-like than some o the others, but like Karasu, I feel like you're parodying what a model should look like. You DO get props for making your limbs look long, extending your neck, and having some sass. You lose points for the facial expression and looking about five-foot-one.
SweetTyra: I like it! I liked the busted up robot idea, I think the arms are great. Your face looks different that what weve seen too, which is great! Its the mouth! You look a lot more relaxed in the face and not so tense in the mouth, so good work.
Cozy: Wow, i can tell you put a lot of work into this. The outfit is superbly robotic-couture. I wish there wasn't so much white in the background, it might be what's making this look a little incomplete. These are good eyes! They are intense and emotive, without being spacey-dreamy-cheesy. This would be more fashionable without the "fix me" but it's funny.
Firebolt: This is kind of an odd photo in my opinion. Its not bad, per se, but its kind of confusing. I feel like your costume kind of blends with the background decor too much. I don't really get the point of tilting your head either. I like the touch of standing on the DDR pad though. The face is so-so. Its an ok picture, but nothing to write home about.
Milla-Joe: To be honest, I haven't really loved any of your shots from the competition thus far...however, I think this is your best. The pose is definitely not purposeless (a rule for the shoot) and I love the whole "fix me" thing you have going on...you definitely look like a broken-down fashion robot, but I just wish that the face were more intense. Think back to Cycle 6 of ANTM and Jade's Mannequin pose...that's how I imagined your face interpreting a robot, and I didn't get it. It's working for me in terms of composition and your overall vision, but the face and the slightly-off pose dampens the overall image for me. It doesn't work as a headshot at all. Maddddd props for the outfit and idea, though!

Judging Panel #5 Chantal61

Andy: OH CHANTAL! This is disastrous you, like Lauren, look so sick! I like the pose and the scenery but that face! I think this is one of the worst, if not the worst, of the week! What I think (and hope) will save you is your consistency, you like Karasu, have a strong portfolio, this is just one bump in the road. Take this as a learning experience and for next week think about the ever so important face!
MrJanice: I've always thought that you put so much thought into your looks. They always look elaborate, even when we ask for something simple. I like that. This week though, I think you could have put a little more effort into your hair and makeup. The facial expression is a bit off, and I get what you were trying to do with the pose, but it looks a bit stiff.
Firebolt: Wow, I can't decide if I like this picture or not. You're face looks very modelesque, but theres just something about it that I don't like. Maybe your expression is too plasticy or something. Interesting contrast with the setting though. Its like you're a futuristic girl posing with ancient dinosaur bones. In closing, I think this is photo is solidly decent
Cozy: I LOVE the dress. Pose, not so much. It's too straight and vertical. You've confused the stiffness of a robot for complete rigidity. It still has to be modelesque, so you should've done something with your legs. The brown makeup didn't do much for your face OR the robot theme, so why did you use it? I actually rather like your dinosaur idea, and the outfit is good, but pose - no. The eyes i love, because they seem dangerous. Need more neck!
Bree: You're like Karasu... the past few weeks you've been magic, and now I'm just kind of underwhelmed. Sadly, you guys need to learn that silver clothes does NOT equal robot. In fact, throwing in the giant dino bones may have seemed like a good idear to you, but it actually takes MORE away from the robot-ness. The face is good and robot-like, but you're actually just kind of standing there
SweetTyra: I really liked the setting, it was very interesting and you thought very carefully bout the story which was great- for those of you who dont know, she was a robot travelling through time and went too far back lol! What I didnt like about your film was that you had soem really strange angles to your face that just looked very...i dunno almost mannish caricature, it was scary. It reminded me of a carton character but I cant think of which one. This was your best face and the eyes are connecting very well, but yeh, with this shot, I think it just looks very uncomfortable and very amatuer and unsure. I want that model back!
Milla-Joe:Oh dear...Chantal you've been a frontrunner in my eyes ever since the competition began, and I've loved pretty much all of your photos, but this one is not working for me at ALL. It looks like you're not even trying. The positioning of your arms combined with the lack of intensity in your face sort of makes the whole shot look like one of those "omg I didn't know someone was taking a picture" accidental action shots that we've ALL fallen victim to occasionally. The task was also to create a pose that was angular and rigid, and even if the face had worked as a head shot (which it doesn't) the pose still wouldn't work. It looks flimsy, disproportionate, and not rigid at all. Not like any robot I've ever seen. This shot is just not working for me in any way imaginable. I'm sorry, Chantal, but this is one of the worst shots of the cycle, and it really really REALLY pains me to say that. If I can say something good, the outfit is really great and very reminiscent of Kazara's from Cycle 1.


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Judging Panel #5 Empty Re: Judging Panel #5

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:16 pm

Welcome back models! Sory for the delay, I bget you are all wetting yourselves!
Let us get straight down to business. This competiton is getting serious. Everyone here wants to continue on so badly, but unfortunately, not everyone can. This week, there were no quits or disappearances, so we are back again to an actual elimination! And boy, did the judges butt heads over this! There were very long discussions and rants over at the judges lounge! However, all callout orders have been submitted and calculated, and we have made our decision.

There are seven gorgeous people standing in front of me, but I only have 6 photographs in my hands. If I do not call your name, you must make your way back to the house, pack up your belongings and leave immediately.

The first name I am going to call is...

AMARANTH! Congrats! I have noticed though that you go up and down every week, with one good picture, one not so good one, so keep this momentum going and dont play it safe next week!



KILLIAN! Everybody has underestimated you! The judges and many of your fellow contestants predicted you would be the next to go, but you have proved us all wrong! Keep going in the right direction and really take in everything the judges have said.

CHANTAL-JADE. We were very disappointed this week, but we just arent ready to let you go. We want the model back, dont let her disappear!

Will Jonny and Lauren please step forward.

Lauren, over the past few weeks, the judges have wondered whether you have the ability to be fierce and powerful, when all you have given us is goofy or vacant. You have one of the best bodies in this competition and you know how to use it, but your expressions and connection with thre audience need a lot of work.

Jonny, in week one, everyone was predicting final 3 for you. However since that week, we have failed to see the spark you showed us back then, and your pictures seem to be getting more uncomfortable and more unsure as the competition progresses. You have all the potential to do great things, but you just...arent.

Guys, I only have one picture in my hands. This was a very tough decision and you both have given so much to this competition. The preson still in the running towards becoming IMDBs Next Top Model is...

Jonny, I am so very sorry to see you go, you really have brought so much, but the journey ends here. Good luck in the future!

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