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Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:12 pm

Hello models! Your 4th Judging Panel is finally here! This week, you voted Cycle 11’s Simple/Dramatic Shoot as your photoshoot for the week. And can I just say, I am very impressed with the pictures that were submitted! What WASN’T impressive was Mikiel and Sara’s non submissions. We will find out more about them a little later, but for now lets get straight to judging!

Amaranth, you are first!

Judging Panel #4 Amaranth51

Andy: I love the way your body looks in the shot. But the face could use a little work. A little less pout of the lips would do you well, I can relate I do the same things in my pictures. It's a plain simple shot and I commend you for your efforts
Firebolt: I'm not really sure how I feel about this picture. Its definitely simple, but its almost a little too simple. Not a bad picture though
Cozy: Unique choice to lay on the floor! This is so quiet, relaxed, and pretty; I love the intensity behind your eyes, it looks like you're listening to someone off camera as they tell a story. I like that there's a slight tweak of tension in your mouth
Bree: Body = 10. Face = 6? I actually disagree with Cozy, I think there's zero intensity in the eyes, and I know you can give intensity. I think maybe you were looking for "soft" but got vacant. Not every "intense" eye has to be a crazy stare. If it had focused on the camera, it could have been magical because this is a great, unique body, a clean setting... it's just not special
MrJanice: I agree with Bree. If you would have looked at the camera, it would have made a good picture so much better. Instead it just looks like you're just laying there and someone took the picture. It is a pretty picture, but it's a bit boring.
SweetTyra: Hmm. Im bored by this photo. Theres really not much to it. Lying on the floor was an unusual choice and it didnt really look like a model shot, just a girl on the floor shot, coz thats basically all i feel from it, just a girl on the floor

Judging Panel #4 Amaranth52

Andy: After the YAWN!- fest that was your "Simple" photo I think this is leaps and bounds better than anything you have produced thus far. I love this shot. You look fantastic and I love this picture because you look like a completely different person. Very chameleon of you.
SweetTyra: I LOVE everything except for the eyes. They arent present at all, they arent really pushing through the makeup and that is a worry. I love the snowy trees in the background, they are so beautiful. Actually, I think im more intrigued by them than by you haha. I liked your pose, although you did pretty much the same pose in almost all of your frames. I wouldve loved to have seen you stand on that railing! That would have been interesting. Great outfit, I love it!!!!
Cozy: Wow! The frozen tundra of Wisconsin is really workin' it here, and so are you! Now that's a couture outfit. So many different patterns make this a dynamic shot, and your broken-down-doll pose makes this very editorial. Your makeup is very intense too, I love the pale lip.
Bree: I LOVE this costume, Amaranth, and I wanna buy it! You're doing a very quirky body pose, which is good, but I think it got a bit sloppy. The pigeon-toed thing or the cocked-hip would have worked if you only did one of them. However, I'm just picking on a few little things to help make you better. As for your face, you look tense around your mouth like you're holding your breath, and your eyes aren't focused on ANYTHING. Normally your face is your strength
MrJanice: Awesome comeback from the simple picture. The pose is great, the outfit is made of win, your hair and makeup are awesome, the background is art. I don't have a problem with the coat hiding your arm (it's not really your fault), but I do with the tension around your mouth. It makes it look like you have worry lines and makes you look a bit older. That's the only negative thing. Great job.
Firebolt: I'm not sure I like this picture. Your mouth has kind of a weird expression and the pose and outfit are a bit awkward. I like the setting though.


Judging Panel #4 Chantal51

Andy: Oh I am in love with this picture! Your eyes are exquisite you draw me in. I wish you showed a little more neck, but the pose is good.
Firebolt: This is almost a little too simple. I would have liked to have seen a little more expression in your face. I can't decide how I feel about the pose
Bree: Because your picture last week had sunglasses on, this is the first picture where I have truly seen how beautiful your face really is. It's an absolutely gorgeous and perfect face. The problem is you look like you're in a straight jacket. The arm looks like it's got no bones, like in Harry Potter 2, and you're sticking out your butt a little. You also lost your neck once again. But for the face alone I love it.
Cozy: I love the emotion in your expression, but i'm not in love with the pose. Your arms are too restricted and hidden. Also, with this wonderful over-the-shoulder look we have lost your neck completely
MrJanice: You look so different in this picture. Your eyes look so intense in this picture. I like it. I do have a problem with your arm. It looks a bit weird. Oh and you lost your neck. Those are my only negatives comments
SweetTyra: Neck, neck, neck, is that all you guys ever think about?! Haha! I honestly dont mind the lost neck, the lower tilt of the head gives a sort of vulnerable feel to it, which makes it even more gorgeous. Your connection with the camera is great and the control of the mouth aswell. I think it would have looked better with the hand on your hip, more like a model shot but I do kind of like the vulnerability the hidden hand brings, even though it might not have been what we were looking for.

Judging Panel #4 Chantal521-1

SweetTyra: YES YES YES I LOVE IT!!! This is so fashion. Quite possibly the best picture of the cycle so far. Everything about it is perfect. The setting, the outfit, the stance, the gaze. You are standing like a model and you look like you feel like the frickin coolest, hottest chick on the block in what your wearing. You sold this amazingly, I couldn’t have asked for more.
MrJanice: This. picture. is. amazing! You look pissed off, you're being arrogant, you're showing off your dress, everything's awesome. I don't have any negative comments
Firebolt: I like this shot ALOT better than your other one. Your face looks like a real, bona fide model in this picture. I really like the pose and clothing too
Andy: You got the concept perfectly, I love what you did with the photo: from the pose all the way up to the face. This is very editorial in my opinion. You look great and I think you are someone that the other guys and girls in the house should be afraid of!
Cozy: Very ANTM, very couture! I love the outfit, the makeup, everything. There is so much to look at here, which is great. The pose shows off your clothing very well
Bree: This isn't just good for intm - this puts stuff on ANTM to SHAME! With the setting, the outfit, the pose, the face, it looks like a fashion story in Vogue. I think you were good at taking a quirky body pose and NOT overdoing it, wheras some people took the pigeon-toed or hand-on-hip thing too far and made it look just plain silly. I love this, you are truly a model!


Judging Panel #4 Jonny51

Cozy: Nice, very professional and simple. You are in a very comfortable pose that makes your body, and the clothes, look great. Very marketable, with a strong face.
Andy: You copied Samantha from ANTM Cycle 11! The pose is almost identical to hers. Its a decent shot, not one of my favorites, but it will do, your progressing from last weeks mess which is good! I think you could learn a thing or two from the other models.
MrJanice: This is reminiscent to your framed picture, and that picture was great. This one's great too! It's simple, but there's something in there. Great job!
Firebolt: You really nailed "simple" here, I feel. I really like the puppydog expression and what your doing with your arm. You've got some mad potential. Keep it up.
Bree: Soft-baby-soft! This is softer than my legs after their monthly shaving! You also get that you don't need to be doing a crazy stare in order to have life in your eyes. Bravo on wonderful eyes, youngen! Also, the body is great because it's simple but your arms prevent it from being boring. Hey, Lesus, I think he's figured out his arms!!
SweetTyra: I KNOW YAY!! FINALLY! I have been waiting for soemthing as natural as this from you. You arent trying too hard and youve let your arms do something NATURAL rather than trying to MAKE them look natural but then coming across forced. Good job.

Judging Panel #4 Jonny52

MrJanice: It's a good picture, but there's nothing outstanding about it. The face is good, but I don't really see anything "dramatic" about it. It is a bit dull
Firebolt: I think I like your simple better, but this shot is good too. My only complaint is that your hardened expression doesn't really go with the pose
Cozy: I'm not quite sure this is couture. It's more Broadway-ruffian to me. The pose and setting are great, but i wish you were wearing darker colors and pants that weren't blue jeans. Strong face and eyes, an upturned angle of the head would have made this more dynamic and brought your neck out from behind that collar.
Bree: Okay... still soft... It's nice, but... you know Jonny, thinking back, pretty much all your pictures have been this soft, gentle face. You've not yet given us CRZYFRCE (that's crazy-fierce). This would have been the perfect time. You actually look borderline-worried here. And I think you could have tried harder with the outfit. This outfit would even work for the simple. The body's great though
Andy: It seems that you always give an "I'm pissed" face in every photo. Cheer up! I like this photo I do, I think you progressed this week which is always a good thing
SweetTyra: Yeah, I really liked this shot when I first saw it, but the more I look at it, the less I like it. Something about the composition is making me twitch haha, I dunno, my instincts tell me it would have looked better if the pole wasnt in the middle of the frame, but rather, to the right a little more. The other thing I dont like are those damn jeans!!! Im sory, but they are horrible. Dont wear them again unless the photoshoot is for the homeless!!! Lol. Take away the jeans and this would be a lot better and way more fashion! Well...youd have to replace the jeans with more clothes of course haha!


Judging Panel #4 Karasu51

MrJanice: You know, people have said that you look like Hal Sparks, and I never saw it. Now I do. Anyway, this picture is awesome. It looks so effortless. You look tired, but it somehow works. My only problem is the hands, or well, the fingers. I don't know why exactly. Maybe if you were just sticking your thumbs in the pockets?
Cozy: The pose is very commercial, as is the expression. You look so cool! Everything is good about this, except for the eyes. You look drowsy, and that pulls your face down. Which is funny, because in your dramatic shoot I thought your eyes were too intense. Find a nice quiet medium.
Firebolt: I like the expression and the composition. Good picture.
Bree: LOOK AT THE MODEL! HE'S RIGHT THERE! Karasu, you're one of the only ones left who should be stomping into an agency RIGHT NOW. Your eyes are a good example of smiling and connecting with your eyes even if they're not scary/intense. Best eyes in the whole bunch so far. And I looove the effortless body language.
Andy: I think that the judges and I all can agree that this shot is great! I think your taking the nose flair a little to far, bring it down a notch. But overall this shot takes the intended brief to the next level.The scarf takes a little bit of the intended simplicity away but once again you stayed on point, great job!
SweetTyra: LOVE IT! I dotn have anything bad to say about it, I think its really strong and sexy and comfortable. I think its so much cooler when it looks like you arent trying that hard, that sort of aloofness that MrJanice spoke about in the first week with your fiesta shot. You have such a natural ability to make your shots look....natural!

Judging Panel #4 Karasu522

Firebolt: I liked one of the alternate frames from this shoot better, but this is still a good picture. And another great body composition! You look like you're floating, or like your grabing onto that attic ledge is all thats supporting you in the air like that. Your expression and outfit are great too
Cozy: I love how it looks like you're floating off the ground. Like I said before, the face is a little too intense in this shot. I really like the different textures in your outfit. I almost wish the photographer had stepped back a little, it feels a little claustrophobic. Good angles, good look, all in all, well done
SweetTyra: TOO INTENSE?! Haha nah! This was not my fave pic of you, I loved the one with the crazy eyes on the stairs,now THOSE eyes were intense! But, I lost again with the vote on that one haha. Again, this is effortless. I am a bit bummed we lost your other foot, though, I agree with Cozy, it is claustraphobic and I think missing your limbs outside the frame takes away from the picture a bit.
MrJanice: AWESOME JOB! The clothes are great, the makeup's there, but it's subtle. Your expression is great, and ..are you jumping? If you are, then it's even better because it doesn't show in your face. If you aren't, it's still a great pic. The only problem is you lost your neck too
Bree: Woahhh! You look ka-ray-zay! I really like that, again, you took a quirky body pose but made it just extreme enough that you didn't look ridiculous. I also adore your face... are you wearing eyeliner? You're one of the few whom BOTH pictures have been great for! Woahhh! You look ka-ray-zay! I really like that, again, you took a quirky body pose but made it just extreme enough that you didn't look ridiculous. I also adore your face... are you wearing eyeliner? You're one of the few whom BOTH pictures have been great for!
Andy: Fantastic! This so hits the nail on the head. I think some of the other models, cough... Jonny... cough, could learn a thing or two from you!


Judging Panel #4 Killian51-1

SweetTyra: I still dont think you are fully comfortable in your body or really understand what to do with it. The lean back doesnt quite work, you should have arched your back rather than leaning from the hips. And not only are your eyes too squinty, but they arent focused on the camera. This was supposed to be natural and I think you tried too hard to do soemthing, where a simple head tilt may have worked better
Firebolt: This shot is kind of awkward. Everything from the facial expression, to the curveture and angle of your body and face. I can kind of see what you were going for though.
MrJanice: Were you trying to do Mckey's signature pose? Your eyes, man. They're almost closed and that really brings down the picture. It would have been better if you were just standing face on and slightly squint the eyes. I've just noticed, you look like Haley Joel Osment.
Cozy: Though I commend you for sticking to the brief this time, your eyes are almost completely lost, and again, it's too much of your upper body. This pose would be fantastic if we could see your legs. I have to ask, how many shots do you usually take? You should have enough shots so that you can turn in something with open eyes Bree: This is a VERY contrived pose which has caused you to lose your face completely. I agree with Cozy that it doesn't seem like you've taken a lot of shots, because if you had, and evaluated yourself, you would have seen that there's no life in your eyes.
Andy: Wake up! This is a photo shoot isn't it? Hmm I think you are Amaranth are a little sleepy today in your simple pictures

Judging Panel #4 Killian52

MrJanice: This is your best picture to date! You're facial expression is really great. You too did a comeback from the simple picture. The only problem is that your hands are lost. It's not that much of a problem, but maybe you could have created a more dynamic pose
Andy: I love the angle at which this is taken. It creates almost a vortex effect and its very unique. In a way you resemble Robert Patterson in this picture, I think you did a good job!
SweetTyra: Boy, your eyes are fierce here! And youve finally chosen a good outfit! The few things I dont like- You positioned the camera too high and cut your leg off. This happened in pretty much all your shots. We care more about your clothes than the background. Also, I dont know if you were holding onto soemthing, but you should have dropped one of your hands. Looking at it the wrong way, it kinda looks like you are a drunk taking a leak in an alley and leaning back to see whos walked past and interrupted lol. Love love the face though, and the hair!!
Firebolt: Now this is better. This is probably my favorite picture of you from the entire cycle so far. The face is really intense and the composition is actually interesting.
Cozy: I had to stare at this shot for a while to figure out where the ground was, and to be honest i'm STILL not sure. lol. This is a very dynamic, extreme shot, and I'm pleased you took risks. Your face looks great, Natasha! I wish you would have done something with your arms, you look like you're in a straightjacket. Easily your best shot to date, though.
Bree: Wait, what angle did you take this picture at? It's a bit confusing, but I actually think the face here makes up for your last one. This is effort that's NOT spitting back in your face - it actually works here. Remember when I told you to trust in your natural beauty? You totally are, and it looks incredible. The body could use some work, but your face is absolutely GORGEOUS. You look twenty


Judging Panel #4 Lauren5

Andy: I love the way your body looks in the shot. But the face could use a little work. A little less pout of the lips would do you well, I can relate I do the same things in my pictures. It's a plain simple shot and I commend you for your efforts
Firebolt: You look like you just got done crying, which isn't really a good or bad thing. I like the composition of your body, I just wish you were centered a little more.
MrJanice: like it. The pose works, the outfit, everything. It's soft, but not so soft that it makes it boring. And yeah, I agree about the pouting thing. Try to take it down a notch.
Cozy: Good shot. I like the pose very much, it shows off your super-slim body. This looks like a fade-out shot post makeover for the real ANTM! You followed the brief to a T with your outfit, face, and background, it all looks very young and fresh
SweetTyra: What I love about you is that, we all know you are a shorty, but you always look SO tall! I like this. I dont think theres anything POW about it, but its pretty and its nice and its simple, and thats what we wanted.
Bree: I love-love-love this picture. I think you're really selling it with the body, and the angle is great for your face. You really made the clothes look great, and again something that happened in Week 1: your hair looks really cool. My one worry is that you tried to go for "simple" with the eyes but instead you look like you're about to cry. Just because you're not doing an "intense" eye doesn't mean you don't have to smile with 'em!

Judging Panel #4 Lauren51

Cozy: It's slightly more fashionable than a candid shot of someone falling down the stairs. Really I approve of everything YOU'RE doing in the shot, I just don't see anything bold and dramatic in your outfit, hair, or makeup. The boots are interesting, sure, but coupled with the completely normal outfit doesn't make this a couture shot. Excellent pose though
MrJanice: Now, I much prefer your simple picture. It's the same facial expression as your simple picture, but it doesn't work here. We wanted something weird and dramatic and lots of makeup and wild hair. You didn't really give us that. The outfit could have been cool, but we can't really see it.
Andy: Did you fall down the steps or something? What's going on in this photo, I have no idea! Am I missing something? Where is the Lauren from last week? Can someone get her because this Lauren seems to have lost the model in her, I guess its from falling down this flight of steps
Firebolt: Now THIS is an interesting composition. Lauren is like, the bodily composition queen. Do you do yoga or gymnastics or some other exercise that teaches you all these different bends and positions? However, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the face here, you look a little bit tired
Bree: The body pose could have been VERY cool, but I think too much is going on at once. The face is also disappointing because it's the same as last one. Dramatic could have been CRAZY-cool. This is your weakest shot to date. Hopefully the simple shot is enough to make up for it.
SweetTyra: Yeah, I was a bit disappointed that you left your hair and your face the same in both shots. You gave us some AMAZING shapes in your film, but your face fell flat, I think you were concentrating solely on the poses and not the expressions that went with them. We havnt really seen you be fierce yet, its either been goofy or smily. I wanna see some raw emotion from you, some pain! Like, even with this picture, it would have cool if youd even screamed a little, to add to a story of you being pushed down the stairs or soemthing by another jealous model!


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Judging Panel #4 Empty Re: Judging Panel #4

Post by Leelee_Tyra on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:13 pm

Welcome back models!

Now, since we saw you last, Mikiel has submitted his photos. Lets take a look!

Judging Panel #4 Mikiel51

Judging Panel #4 Mikiel521

Mikiel, it is such a shame these were so late, because the Dramatic is amazing and would have earned you a high callout, I think. You had a very interesting set up, the outfit is amazing. However, Im not a fan of the simple. The face is good, but you look so uncomfortable within yourself with the arms, you and Jonny kind of switched this week, he lost his awkward arms and you seem to have picked them up. And also, you have reverted back to week one with your staring into space. Its purposeless and confusing.

Models, this has been an interesting week and you should all be very proud of your achievements. However, not all of you can keep your positions in this competition and one of you will no longer be in the running towards becoming IMDBs Next Top Model. If I do not call your name, you must go back to the house, pacl up your belongings and leave immediately.

The first name Im going to call is.....

KARASU!!! Congratulations! This has been a long time coming!

CHANTAL-JADE!! Congratulations on a truly amazing picture this week!

JONNY!!! You are steadily improving, which is great to see, keep those creative juices flowing!

LAUREN!!! We wanna see fierce next week Lauren!

AMARANTH!!!!! Your photos are beautiful and are set up very well, but now you really need to work on connecting with the camera a little more.

KILLIAN! You had an amazing picture this week, but it was unfortunately overshadowed by a poor one. Know your body and try lots of different things.

Will Mikiel and Sara please step forward.

Both of you were extremely late this week and Sara, you didnt even submit anything. Both of you brought it down to computer troubles. I will say right here and now to everyone that computer troubles should NOT be an issue in this competition. If you still have your photos on the camera, go to an internet cafe. If you dont, then reshoot! The fact that it took so long for both of you, even with computer troubles, shows to the judges that neither of you are as passionate about this competition as everyone else, something which surprises me. The judges talked long and hard about this decision and agree that one of you deserves another chance.

Mikiel- Your pictures have been great throughout this competition and you have a far stronger portfolio than Sara. However, we were all disappointed with your defeatist attitude this week. One thing went wrong and it snowballed on top of you, causing you to cave under the pressure. You didnt let us know what was going on and when we saw the photos on your Myspace but not in my inbox, we could only assume you had given up.

Sara- Although Mikiel's portfolio is stronger than yours, you have improved dramatically from week to week. Unlike Mikiel, you explained your situation to us and expressed your passion. Unfortunately, though, you did not make it in time and you do not have a picture to show for this week. But we all have faith that if you did submit something, it would have been something great.

The judges were torn with this decision and some strongly believed that a model with a weaker but steadily improved protfolio should not be eliminated over someone who has shown a lack of passion and a bad attitude.

I only have one photo in my hands and that photo belongs to.......

MIKIEL!!! Congrats! We just couldnt let you go! Let this be a warning to everyone that excuses will not be tolerated and that there is ALWAYS another option when your computer fails.
Im very sorry it had to end this way Sara!

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